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Best (or most dramatic) Test You Learned From:
Gold Consumer
Key Messaging Multivariate Test for Kolbe Corp.

Brand/Client Side Team:
Shea Beck, Brian Renner, Jason Baer

Mighty Interactive

From Their Nomination Form:
This campaign involved testing of price points, and messaging used to drive future sales of the career tests. This dynamic 12 way multivariate test included four key messages and three price points. This was executed by using dynamic content in the ExactTarget email system, where the headline, subject line, and price points were automatically generated based on the group the recipient was placed in. After the results were calculated, the multivariate test provided the most effective messaging and price point for a National PPC campaign and extensive Online Media Buy. We now have the messaging and price point for our National PPC and Online Media Campaigns. The following metrics are the average results gathered from the 12 emails sent. Email Stats - Open Rate: 21.4%; Click Through Conversion: 15.6%; Campaign Result -Sales: 315.