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Best (or most dramatic) Test You Learned From:
Gold B-to-B
Southcentral Foundation Company Newsletter

Brand/Client Side Team:
Vera Starbard, Faith Kolean, Tammy Ashley, Jessica Dorrington, Marie Stewman, Kristin Tolbert, Evelyne Tunley-Daymude, Jordan Craddick

Bruce Batten Communications

From Their Nomination Form:
We responded to "customer" demand in a noticeable way, and learned how to build something they liked. With little design change to the look of the newsletter, and primarily addressing the issue of actual content, we more than doubled the average readership in three months, and as of the last issue, have the number equivalent to 85% of employees now reading the newsletter, as compared to 37% just three months ago. For 2006, the average hit count for the Communicator was 220 per issue, and about 1200 employees for the year. For 2007 up until the time of the campaign's beginning, the average hit count was 554 per issue, and about 1300 employees. From the campaign's beginning to this time, the hit count has risen to an average of 702 per issue. At the beginning of the campaign, the hit count was 486 with 1302 employees, or about 37% employee readership. The last issue before submission received 1117 hits with 1307 employees, or about an 85% readership.