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Best Triggered Personalized Email:
Gold B-to-B
Mutual of Omaha Key Client Forum

Brand/Client Side Team:
Scott Zagurski, Nate Eicher, Jon Clemens, Jeff Hazlett, Marie Looney, Jason Whitney

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
This campaign proves that B-to-B marketers can -- and should -- steal smart ideas from their consumer marketing counterparts. In this case, the marketing team personalized emails sent to channel sellers to include their name and qualifying status for top producer rewards. If you're sending email to incentivize sales reps, this is a great idea.

From Their Nomination Form:
This email was sent to producers who sell Mutual of Omaha's Special Markets products as an incentive to boost sales in order to qualify for Key Client Forum. Key Client Forum is an annual incentive trip to reward the top producers who placed business with us during 2006, the qualifying year and meet the premium requirement of $1.2 million. This particular campaign was to announce the location for the 2007 trip and let the individual recipients know their current qualification status. This email is unique because it contains the producer's qualifying status and lets them know exactly how close they are to actually winning the trip. Where in other cases, the e-mail would typically give them a link to a secure site or maybe even a PDF to view their status, this one is conveniently personalized within their email. We sent this particular email to 54 producers who opted in. Of those, 52 (96.3%) of the e-mail addresses were successfully sent, having two bad email addresses. Of the 52 recipients, we received 36 (66.67%) unique opens and 87 total opens.