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Lifetime Achievement Award:
VistaPrint Snoozeman

Brand/Client Side Team:
Karen O'Connor, Dina Gray, Jim Irwin (no longer with the company)

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Let's be clear -- we had not intended (nor ever dreamt) of giving a lifetime achievement award for email marketing. And then we reviewed VistaPrint's Snoozeman campaign. First launched in 2002, Snoozeman has been run to lists in 17 countries, resulting in 8 million new customers. Over the years, the campaign has been tweaked and translated, but at its heart Snoozeman remains the same. It's the little email that could, relentlessly beating out all tests that have been sent against it. It's incredibly rare for a creative to serve as a winning control through that many countries and campaigns.

It's also, in our experience, rare to meet a marketing team who have the savvy to keep rolling out the best performing creative over and over again even when they themselves may have grown tired of it. Lesson learned -- marketing is nearly always more easily bored than the end prospect. Your best creative may have longer legs than you think!

From Their Nomination Form:
VistaPrint's most broad-based customer demographic is small businesses, but also includes non business consumers who use the products for everyday applications. As with most email campaigns, VistaPrint's most paramount goal is revenue and sales generation, which this campaign has achieved and then some. This creative gave customers an offer that originally was not being offered anyplace else - 250 free business cards.

The "Snoozeman" as it has been affectionately named by the marketing and creative teams, has been by far and away the most successful creative email campaign in the company's history. This creative was originally implemented four years ago but since has taken different forms and used for different products, markets and countries. It is still being used today, and while it was originally designed and sent when VistaPrint had 500,000 customers and just one US Web Site, it is now being used with great success across all 17 Web Sites and has aided in generating more than 8 million customers. Across the board, this has resonated best with new customers, generating acquisition rates as high as 8% worldwide. It has been sent to both consumer and small business targets, is a simple idea, and has appealed to a large group of consumers.

The concept while easy was also effective. By letting customers know that they might be in fact "Snoozing" on a good offer, the text-based creative shows a business card in the top right corner, the offer for 250 Free Business Cards at the top left and the trademark man with a clock and an unhappy look in the bottom right corner. With the statement, "You snooze, you lose" at the bottom, the message and offer have been effective. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep the rest of their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!