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Best Promotional Blast - Direct Sale or Lead Gen Offer:
Silver B-to-B
Paradigm Learning Thanks A Latte

Brand/Client Side Team:
Kristan Evans, Diana Blackburn, Leonard Anderson

Bayshore Solutions
Kevin Hourigan

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
This is a good solid email campaign, but what really impressed us was the landing page. It's clean, lean and inviting. If more B-to-B marketers had uncluttered landing pages like this one, you would get much better response rates for the exact same budget. BTW: We also like the fact that the marketers tested direct postal mail at the same time as email. Check out the results to see how well the two different media did compared to each other.

From Their Nomination Form:
Paradigm designed an integrated direct mail/online promotional contest to drive traffic to its new Web site. The contest was in two offer levels. One offer, a $5 Starbucks card, was the call-to-action to more than 8,574 'warm, house list of Paradigm-friendly' prospects and existing clients. This list was targeted to receive both email and direct mail contact. The second offer, a $50 Starbucks Card, was promoted to another list of 5,000 Paradigm house list 'cold prospects,' past or low-use clients and a third-party email list that was purchased from one of our industry's more respected trade publications. We first sent 5,000 direct mail pieces and then followed up with an email within a week. Another 3,574 on our house list did not get the direct mail but received the e-mail only. Key components: A strong creative direct mail piece that was mailed to 5,000 top targeted prospects/clients with this promotion. Email designs that complemented the direct mail campaign. Landing pages that also complemented the overall look and feel of the campaign. This then allowed the information collected to be populated within a centralized database. Automatic launch from "Thanks for Registering" page to Web site. Results of the campaign: Thanks a Latte Direct Mail -- more than a 5% response of direct mail, 5,000 sent, 459 visits, 322 submissions and 22% conversion rate. Thanks a Latte Email Promo -- 8,575 sent, 2,000 opened (20.39%), 476 visits, 322 submissions and 61% conversion rate. Thanks a Latte Third-Party List -- 5,000 sent, 199 visits, 55 submissions and 28% conversion rate. We also have identified at least 150 qualified leads that have led to a forecasting of increased sales. We also say a 25% increase in the number of Paradigm Insiders (new email newsletter) registrants.