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Email Marketing Award Winners 2007


Best (or Most Dramatic) Test You Learned From:
Gold B-to-B
RSA6100A Launch Campaign (Tektronix)

Brand/Client Side Team:
Simon Plews

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Engineers are hard to schmooze with marketing messages of any kind, because, like other technical execs, they're almost "anti- marketing" in attitude. So, how then did this British marketing team get a 46% clickthrough rate? Segmentation is everything.

From Their Nomination Form:
Initially, an email was sent to a database of RF Test Engineers offering a fulfillment piece with a broad appeal, called an "The Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis." Everybody who responded to this offer was asked which exact area of RF design they worked in before they could receive their primer. Nine categories plus 'other' were given as the choices. The clickthrough rate was approximately 7%. Those who identified themselves as working within one of the nine categories were kept in lists by category. Each individual list was sent a message relevant to the chosen area of work offering them a literature download on that particular topic. Furthermore, the copy was tailored for each of the nine e-comms to make the message itself relevant. For instance, group one's message read, 'You have indicated that you're involved in Radar Design. Being involved in Radar Design you might find our application note entitled 'Advanced Radar Testing with the RSA6100A Real-Time Spectrum Analyser' interesting. This guide covers topics such as: Example 1, Example 2 ... and listed some issues that were addressed in the literature on offer. Group 2's message read 'You have indicated that you're involved in WiFi. Being involved in WiFi you may find our application note entitled 'Real-Time Spectrum Analysis for WLAN and Combo Devices' interesting.' And so on.

Each group's message was also given a tailored subject line and heading, increasing the likelihood of the message being opened. The results proved that by listening to what the customers had told us about the area of work they were involved in and then responding in a timely manner with an offer directly relating to that topic we increased message relevancy to the point where almost half of the recipients wanted to read the email and download the guide. This demonstrated to the customer that we had solutions for his specific problem, and facilitated a more meaningful conversation with our sales force when they followed up the communication. The average clickthrough rate across the nine messages sent was 46%. This is compared to the average clickthrough rate internally of 6%.