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Best Postcard-Style Campaign:
Gold Consumer
Hotel Indigo Podcast Email

Brand/Client Side Team:
Erin Hake


MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
If you're launching a podcast and you would like your opt-in list to listen, check out this campaign from Intercontinental's Hotel Indigo. However, don't assume the precise creative will work for you. The brand's email templates and style is highly distinctive, and, as Intercontinental admits, it only works for that particular brand. Instead, consider what creative elements make your email standout and translate those into your podcast invite.

From Their Nomination Form:
Registered guests of Hotel Indigo, the hotel industry's first lifestyle branded boutique hotel experience from Intercontinental Hotels Group. This particular email message was created to launch a new seasonal podcast series that would help bring this hotel experience to life for future guests by providing them with seasonally-themed music via a medium that the brand's target audiences have already adopted. Hotel Indigo uniquely caters to the customer experience by creating a physical and emotional environment suited to the guests' lifestyle. In the hotel, you'll find a spa-like experience around every corner with a brand built on the simplicity of nature. From the nautilus shell logo - a symbol of perfect proportion and natural beauty - to the deliberate design of the lobby chairs and guest room furnishings, the architectural concept creates a relaxing atmosphere of order and balance.

Successfully translating this experience to their email campaigns is what makes Hotel Indigo unique. Through the use of a haiku-based messaging approach built on simplicity in creative design, Hotel Indigo is able to start influencing the guest experience prior to check-in in a soft and almost sensory manner. The podcast brings guests and friends of Hotel Indigo closer to the brand and reinforces its "relaxing" appeal. Spunlogic created the email template as well as the landing page which offers guest a visually appealing and rich experience in a simple yet clear way. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!