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Best Automated Series (Auto Responder):
Silver Consumer
Gutter Guardian Systems

Brand/Client Side Team:
Steve Bruno

Paramore|Redd Online Marketing
Kate Gallagher, Josh Miller

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
We love this campaign because it proves nearly any business in any region can profit from an automated series of emails sent to interested prospects, even if you don't sell online. In this case, Atlanta-area consumers were wowed into setting up appointments to meet a home improvement sales rep.

From Their Nomination Form:
GutterGuardian had been generating online leads and successful conversions through their Web site, and parent site With great conversion rates, but a low lead flow they seeked out alternative online lead generation opportunities. Promoting a sweepstakes to enter to receive a gutterguardian system on your home Paramore|Redd launched a co-registration campaign on a trusted network. Batches of 30-40 leads a day where emailed daily to Paramore|Redd. The team then funneled the names into a two-step welcome trigger email. Email 1 thanked the subscriber for their sign up and sweetened the deal by promoting $350 off installation. Email 2 reinforced the $350 of installation and invited the lead to set a telephone appointment with a sales representative. The expectation was a 1% conversion from lead to sale and a 20% advertising cost of sale. In six weeks, co-registration has generated 1,727 leads that have been funneled into the email marketing strategy. The conversion rate from lead to sale within a month doubled the expectation at 2%. The advertising cost of sale? 4.7%