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Best Automated Series (Auto Responder):
Gold Consumer
RoadRunner Sports First-Time Buyer Program

Brand/Client Side Team:
Peter Taylor, Kristy Morris

John Doub, Rick Kenney, Mara Perlmutter

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
The first time a consumer buys from you is a lot like the first time they opt-in to your list -- your very next email should welcome them to their new relationships with your brand. Just as with Welcomes, first time buyer emails generally have far higher open and click rates than other emails further on. See how Road Runner Sports capitalizes on this critical spot in the customer lifecycle.

From Their Nomination Form:
Road Runner Sports, a leading multichannel retailer (catalog, online and in-store), that focuses on selling top brand name running shoes, apparel and gear, invigorated their email program with an automated triggered, segmentation strategy called "The First Time Buyer" program. The FTB audience is defined as a customer who has opted-in to receive communications from RRS and made their first purchase at At the time a customer makes their first purchase, they also have the option to sign up for the RRS loyalty program, The Run America Club. This was an additional data point on which RRS needed to segment in order to speak to its customers in a relevant manner.

First Time Buyers receive one of two custom published welcome messages (the first message in the sequence) based on membership status. Non-RAC members receive a welcome e-mail that explains the benefits of the RAC and encourages loyalty program sign-up with a post-purchase retroactive Club savings offer, whereas a FTB that is already signed up for the RAC receives a similar welcome e-mail that foregoes the RAC promotion and instead reinforces the benefits of Club membership. The second message introduces Super Dave, Director of Running at Road Runner Sports, who for the remainder of the FTB sequence, provides running and health tips to give runners the most up-to-date running information in an effort to maximize their performance while keeping them injury-free. The subsequent 10 email messages are triggered to automatically deploy based on a predetermined number of days following the first purchase, usually at seven-day intervals. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!