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Best Opt-in Campaign:
Silver Consumer
Daytime Dollars

Brand/Client Side Team:
Brian Cahill

Arc Worldwide
Aimee Dungo, Mick-Dean Gross, Carey Isom, Rick Ton, Jordan Simonson, Karl Wenzel, Alex Harvey, Mike Scarpiello

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
It's awfully hard to impress Sherpa judges with sweeps offers to generate email opt-ins. The quality of the opt-ins is usually very low; people join because they want to win something, not because they have any interest in your list. That said, here's a glowing example of sweeps done right. The demographic was perfect, the multimedia approach to getting the word out was fabulous and the email follow-up campaign was high-impact. Most important to our judges, the marketers measured their success based on a business result (in this case, measurably higher ratings for selected TV shows) and not just on sheer volume of list growth.

From Their Nomination Form:
P&G Productions features two daytime dramas on CBS: 'The Guiding Light' and 'As the World Turns.' While these programs have gained great viewership and success in the past, daytime dramas are airing in a very different market now. With ratings in a steady decline, P&G Productions looked to bring steady viewers to the soaps. We developed a multichannel sweepstakes driving consumers to the shows each day to determine if they were a winner. The promotion hub was Consumers filled out a simple registration form to join the program. Registrants received a personalized email alert each weekday with an official code number. The email was simplistic, yet very effective. In combination with a clear from name "Daytime Dollars" and the usage of compelling subject lines, recipients were easily able to sort through the clutter in their inboxes to locate the latest Daytime Dollars email and find the official code number. Registrants watched the shows each day to see if they were a winner.

Watching the show was the only way to determine if you were a winner. Winners had to claim their prize by the following morning or it was rolled back into the prize pool. These unclaimed cash prizes were packaged into larger prizes and awarded once a month on 'Bonus Cash Days.' Additionally, experiential prizes such as a chance to win an on-set kiss with their favorite soap star, a daytime diva transformation from a stylist, a shopping spree with a set designer and fantasy sequence to 'knock-off' the character they love to hate were offered throughout the promotion period. The promotion was supported with targeted banner ads and rich media units. These along with promotional TV and radio spots drove the target to to participate in the sweepstakes. A PR campaign reached the targeted viewers via the Web, blogs, online message boards and traditional news outlets. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!