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Best Opt-in Campaign:
Gold Consumer
AIR MILES Reward Program (Canada)

Brand/Client Side Team:
Michail Karteros, Dave Theodoropoulos, Ed Goncalves, Maggie Chiu, Chris Ovsenny, Erin Waldie

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
We think far too few marketers are testing interruptive DHMTL overlays on their site entry pages to gather more opt-ins. The key is to be as polite as possible, focusing on your trusted brand and limiting overlays to just three served per visitor lifetime. Plus, we love that these marketers tested and improved creative and offers (an 80% results improvement with one tweak), as well as measuring resulting opt-ins' value by demographic segment.

From Their Nomination Form:
This campaign was in support of our mandate to increase year-over-year growth of our email list by 100%, a net increase of more than 500,000 addresses. When considering where to target, we conducted a number of email acquisition tests in Q1 and Q2 across numerous offline and online channels. From these tests, we knew "online to online" email acquisition efforts (using Web or email to drive online signups) drove very positive results at an attractive cost per acquisition. Our Web site ( generates more than 500,000 (non-unique) visits a month, so we conducted an analysis of the number of visitors who were signed up to receive email. (Our site has a login function that allows us to identify collectors who visit the site.) Starting in September, we opted to leverage a Flash "voken" to overlay an ad on top of the home page of our site that would prominently request email opt-in. Because of our login requirement, we were able to segment this campaign in two ways: 1. By showing the voken only to Collectors not currently opted-in to receive email (eliminating the "irritation" factor for Collectors already signed up). 2. By segmenting the "bonus AIR MILES" offered for signup, based on gross margin value of the Collectors. We ran one version of creative in September, and then learned from the results to produce even stronger creative in December.

We used dynamic, Flash-based ads to leverage the home page of in unique ways to capture the attention of visitors. As a Flash overlay, the ads were impossible to miss, with spinning cards and peel back Web pages. However, to help collectors feel more comfortable with the offer and the interruptive manner, we leveraged our well-known loyalty card to be the brand hero of the creative. Copy was simple and direct, and the call-to-action and the offer were very prominent. We included a close button and capped the ads to a lifetime max of three views. Due to technical issues, we had to drive to a microsite to signup in the September version, but we improved that in December by including sign-up right on the actual page. No additional clicks to other pages required. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!