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Best Opt-in Campaign:
Silver B-to-B (tie)
Email Labs

Brand/Client Side Team:
J.L. Halsey: Loren McDonald; EmailLabs: Lena Waters, Stefan Pollard, Calvin Wong, Irene Fehr, Daniel Jung, Anna Bosnia

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Winning MarketingSherpa awards first and foremost is about your results data. The average B-to-B lead generation form online gets under a 10% conversion rate. (In other words, 90% or more of the prospects who click to your registration form will click away instead of filling it out.) However, this winning registration form gets a whopping 50%+ average conversion rate per month, month after month. Check it out and then consider how you could steal some ideas for your own forms.

From Their Nomination Form:
The goals of the opt-in campaign for The Intevation Report are twofold: first, the opt-in campaign is designed to provide a value proposition (The Intevation Report) to marketers or potential customers, ensuring continued communication with them about the email marketing function, and, second, to provide a "practice what you preach" example of how to grow a best practices-oriented, double opt-in email list. The opt-in page itself contains a series of key elements that make signing up easy and provide additional incentives to do so. The offering of a value-added incentive in the form of a best practices white paper is available upon registration, and the form is short, capturing only pertinent information. Registrants may also preview a sample of the newsletter prior to signing up. The opt-in campaign - from coherence of marketing and advertising practices, to added incentives and white papers and clear opt-in instructions on every page of the Web site - have all contributed to a consistently strong monthly opt-in rate. Q4 2006 page views: 54.3% conversion rate for completed double-opt in subscriptions; fourth-quarter conversion rates by month: October 350/663 = 52.8%; November 369/634 = 58.2%; December 268/520 = 51.5%