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Email Marketing Award Winners 2007

  Best Opt-in Campaign:
Silver B-to-B (tie)

Naomi Campbell, Chris Harding, Alex Melnychuk, Tobias Andersson

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Two reasons why this campaign impressed us: First, the marketers used multiple media to penetrate their niche-yet-global market, including email, telemarketing, trade shows, sales rep contacts and a Web site. Next, they took permission to a higher level, asking new opt-ins to fill out personal profiles on their interests. Now, the marketers can easily segment their new list, sending opt-ins only highly relevant information.

From Their Nomination Form:
Invitrogen's customers are academics and scientists who value accurate and relevant information. Marketing approach: self-profiling system using email, telemarketing, exhibition, Web site visits, sales reps channel and data cleansing to create an opt-in database of more than 100,000 self-profiled contacts. Technologies used include our own Generator2 platform for data management & cleansing, profiling and lead generation. The campaign ran throughout Europe and North America. Provide the names of colleagues that work alongside them. Flag if they need immediate help. The iProfile program was initially deployed in Europe and involved the processing of more than 150,000 European contact records on the company's database. eMarket2 initiated a systematic program of email marketing to encourage the company's customers and prospects to complete an online self-profile of their information needs and interest areas.

The Generator2 database tracked all clickthroughs from the email and recorded all completed profile data. This enabled the system to target contacts that had not responded with reminder emails at regular intervals to encourage more completed profiles. The email marketing activity was reinforced with telemarketing in five languages to help identify additional qualified contacts and email addresses within the Life Science company's target market. The data cleanse and database build activity was successfully completed in 10 weeks and the company continues to augment their opt-in contacts using the iProfile self-profiling tool in all marketing activities. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!