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Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging:
IBM developerWorks RSS feeds

Brand/Client Side Team:
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MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Instead of a single RSS feed, IBM's developerWorks team invented a forest of them. This means recipients can choose just the precise feed they want, and certainly must increase feed readershoip and responsiveness longevity. Nearly half a million visitors have signed up for feeds from this site so far. That's massively successful.

From Their Nomination Form:
RSS files are standard XML-based files that provide a means for syndicating and aggregating Web content. The Files contain metadata commonly used to provide descriptive information about the content, context and characteristics of data. Using RSS files, a data feed can be created that supplies headlines, links and article summaries from a Web site. These files describe a channel of information that can include a logo, a site link, an input box and multiple news items. Other Web sites can incorporate this information into their pages automatically or use the feeds to provide a site with current news headlines. These techniques allow distribution of up-to-date information for any given Web site. Metrics: Since inception March 2005: 261% growth rate.

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