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Best Viral Email Campaign:
Gold Consumer monk-e-mail

Brand/Client Side Team:
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None Indicated

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
As of April 20th, 20 million Monk-Emails had been sent (that's up 6 million from March 30th when this nomination was submitted.) Enough said.

From Their Nomination Form: set out to simply extend its popular 'Working with Monkeys' TV campaign to the Internet and ended up creating one of the most successful viral Websites in history. This is geared toward anyone on the Internet. Monk-e-mail allows consumers to choose and accessorize one of three monkeys. Type in, record a message by phone for the monkey to lip-sync or select a pre-recorded message and then send it to friends and co-workers. Since its launch on Jan. 25, 2006, more than 14 million Monk-e-mails have been sent and played. And all of this with zero marketing dollars spent to support it.

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