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Best Viral Email Campaign:
Silver B-to-B
Think Inc.'s Nuttycracker

Brand/Client Side Team:
Blair Caplinger, Tony Bonno, Matt Walker, Charlie Parker, Francis Percarpio, Will DuPont, Chris Wilson

None Indicated

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Every holiday season, marketers are deluged with "fun" viral-wanna-be emails from agencies. Which, naturally, makes it very hard for any one campaign to stand out in the in-box, much less actually go viral. But, Think Inc pulled it off. We really enjoyed this creative - which is quite a challenge considering how jaded Sherpa's editorial staff is.

From Their Nomination Form:
Holiday greetings have always been an excellent customer retention and acquisition tool for THINK, so over the years, they have become more and more elaborate. 2005 was a great year for THINK, and we felt we had a lot to celebrate. As we went into concepting, we hade 3 goals for the communication: 1. Show the growth we had enjoyed over the 2005 calendar year. 2. Give clients an intimate experience with their favorite THINKers. 3. Reinforcing our collaborative, service-oriented work style. This campaign was special because everyone in the agency had a roll in creating it, but the creative team kept the exact nature of the greeting a secret until we unveiled it at our holiday party. It was a big hit with the troops and we enlisted their help in distributing the piece. Although there are no hard sales metrics to attach to this communication, shortly after launching the piece we discovered that on average recipients created 3 separate dance sequences. That means that the average recipient interacted with the piece for over 3 minutes, not including load time and intro.

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