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Best Automated Personalized Email (trigger driven):
Honorable Mention
Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Brand/Client Side Team:
Kimberly Devault, Cindy Winkelman

Mighty Interactive, ExactTarget

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
This was an awfully tough campaign to judge because it doesn't quit fit into any particular category. Would you call it a campaign to get opt-ins? Or perhaps the ultimate personalized welcome message? No matter what, we knew it deserved recognition and more marketers should copy the tactics used. (In fact, we're scratching our heads right now wondering how we can steal some ideas.) Congratulations Phoenix!

From Their Nomination Form:
Files at include landing page where visitor customizes his/her email, as well as several sample emails showing dynamic personalization. Nearly 150,000 visitors arrive at the online home of the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau, In addition to significant amounts of online content, directory of members, calendar of events, etc., the Greater Phoenix CVB site also enables visitors to request free printed visitors guides. These are traditional, four-color, slick and glossy publications ranging from 24 to 128 pages. Unfortunately, it takes up to 8 weeks for site visitors to receive their requested guides via snail mail. Tens of thousands of printed guides are mailed this way each year. In this day of last-minute travel, Mighty Interactive and Greater Phoenix CVB determined that it was critical to get information about Phoenix into the hands of prospective visitors as soon as possible. To do so, Mighty Interactive developed a dynamic, personalized email brochure that enables site visitors to select from among eight categories of interest (dining, golf, spas, et al), and a customized email brochure containing information about their areas of interest is assembled on the fly and delivered to their inbox within approximately 15 seconds. There are three goals for this campaign: 1. Get information about Greater Phoenix to prospective visitors immediately. 2. Build opt-in email list. 3. Use content selections (golf, spas, et al) to provide segmentation data to improve/enhance targeting of subsequent email campaigns. The dynamic, personalized email brochures include information about each selected area of interest, plus multiple links back to specific pages on the site. In this way, the system also serves as a dynamic site map, guiding the recipient to specific content of interest within a very large site. This campaign succinctly and elegantly solves a critical marketing problem, and uses best-of-breed email technology to do it. Mighty Interactive utilizes ExactTarget's dynamic content module and a custom event-trigger API to maintain this system. This campaign not only shows the potential for event-triggered email, but additionally highlights the possibilities for user-defined content and utilization of outbound email as an interest-definition mechanism. Nearly 5,000 dynamic ebrochures have been sent. The Greater Phoenix CVB is so happy with the program, that the link to the creation landing page has been incorporated prominently throughout the site. Open rate for this campaign averages 73.8%. Clickthrough rate for this campaign averages 57.8%. Click conversion rate (clicks among openers) for this campaign averages 78.5%. It is not possible to track how many participants in this campaign actually traveled to Phoenix, thus true ROI is not able to be calculated. However, considering each printed guide costs as much as $10 including shipping, savings for Greater Phoenix CVB have been considerable.

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