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Best Autoresponder Series:
Silver B-to-B
Segue's Silk Performer Evaluation Series

Brand/Client Side Team:
Genevieve Cross

MarketCapture, Eloqua Software

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Business-to-business marketers who have to qualify and educate incoming leads should pay extra attention to this campaign. Too many b-to-b marketers toss new names into the regular house newsletter pile and that's that. Segue proves best in class marketing can sell best in class software.

From Their Nomination Form:
Audience: people who registered to download an evaluation copy of one of Segue's products. Goals: 1. Automate the response to evaluation requests (used to be a manual process) 2. Provide prospects with all the resources they need to complete a successful evaluation in an easy-to-understand format delivered in a professional manner. 3. Encourage people to complete the evaluation by providing best practices advice (white paper). 4. Provide Segue's inside sales with immediate feedback on the status of each evaluation The most special aspect of the campaign is the evaluation feedback form included in the third email. It provides an immediate feedback to the Segue sales representative following on the evaluation process. The form is so easy to respond to that over 50% of those that opened the email submitted a response. Following are the results for the first product that has been implemented into the program (one month): Confirmation Email Opened: 41%. Clickthrough: 20%. White Paper Offer Opened: 38%. Clickthrough: 26%. Evaluation Feedback E-mail Opened: 39%. Submitted evaluation feedback form: 52%

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