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Best Welcome Letter:
Brunswick Bowling Center - Bonus Zone Campaign

Brand/Client Side Team:
Stephan Cox, George Redenz

Subscriber Mail, LoSasso Advertising

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Just so you know, this was an insanely competitive category. So, how did a welcome message from a bowling alley, of all things, beat out dozens of competitors? #1. They tracked beyond the click all the way to redemptions/sales (and that's what it's all about) and #2. rocking results. The numbers don't lie.

From Their Nomination Form:
Bowlers who only would come to the bowling ally 2-3 time a year were the target audience. The goal was to get this group to visit more often by providing discount coupons to them as members of the 'Brunswick Bonus Zone.' The amount of customization involved. Each coupon was drawn dynamically based upon the user name, user selected Brunswick Bowling Center and user ID number. In some cases, depending upon the Brunswick Bowling Center selected, the user would see a different coupon. Also, upon signup, the user's information is sent to the Brunswick database to collect and return the user's customer ID to the SubscriberMail database, via the API, which allows the coupon to be drawn using that specific customer ID. The campaign launched in June 2005. Through the end of January, 77.57% of the subscribers (56,000) had clicked through from the welcome message to view the coupon. Brunswick reports that through the end of January the redemption rate of the discounted bowling coupon has been 28.47%.

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