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Best Email Sales Alert:
Silver B-to-B
Symmetricom Next Generation Campaign

Brand/Client Side Team:
Raychel Marcotte, Christine Snyder

Broad PR, Overdrive, Webhannet River Design, Pioneer Communications Group

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
What we like most about this product launch campaign is how the marketing team separated out the very different audiences, and created different copy for each. All too often (especially in high tech) product launch copy is packed full of buzz-words and lists of features. Very seldom does marketing seem to get inside the prospect's head, let alone the heads of a variety of different prospect demographics.

From Their Nomination Form:
The goals and objectives of this product introduction included: 1. To be the largest product introduction in Symmetricom's company history, coinciding with the high significance of this product introduction to the industry. 2. Our competition was closing in on our market share because of weak features and higher prices so we needed to obtain as many customer quote requests as possible to ultimately sell as many network time servers as possible. This new product introduction was targeted primarily at the Enterprise IT networking market in the U.S, Aerospace/Defense and Government Communications markets. Customers tend to be IT managers, IT professionals, system administrators, synchronization experts, system architects, consultants and others who are responsible for the design and/or maintenance of an IP network. On Oct. 5, 2005, Symmetricom introduced its new high-performance, enterprise class GPS (Global Positioning System) network time servers, SyncServer S200/S250. These precise and versatile network time servers synchronize clocks on servers for large or expanding networks and are optimized for the ever-demanding high-bandwidth Next-Generation-Network (NGN). This product introduction was highly significant because as Next-Generation-Networks grow in size and speed, the need for accurate, reliable and secure time becomes more critical. Security concerns, VoIP deployments and new regulations are forcing organizations to pay strict attention to their records and operational performance. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!

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