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Best Email Sales Alert:
Silver Consumer (tie)
'December to Remember' at the Greenbriar

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Paramore | Redd Online Marketing

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Although the creative is awfully pretty and the offer worth testing, it was the thoughtful targeting that really wowed us. Sending a follow-up campaign just to clicks that didn't convert is a great idea. And we're impressed with the subtle classiness of this campaign. No one is knocked over the head to respond. But respond they surely did.

From Their Nomination Form:
To increase bookings for the 'December to Remember' package at The Greenbrier. Sent to: Thirteen separate mailing lists, including: Cooking School Participants , Sweepstakes Entries, Departed Guests with Email, Opt-ins from Leisure Campaigns, Online Shoppers - Greenbrier Store, Leisure Travel Agents, Golf, Spa Campaign Opens, Sporting Club, Golf Campaign Opens (June 05), Past Package Opens, Rented List Opt-Ins, Visitors - Parking Pass Names. We challenged what the client thought they knew about the customer. Since The Greenbrier is an ultra-luxury resort, the assumption was that the $100 gift card that was included in the package would not motivate the audience. Working closely with the reservations department of The Greenbrier, we were able to monitor the bookings that resulted from the first email blast sent in early November. After the bookings flat-lined, we sent a second, trigger-response email to people who had clicked on 'Book Now' but who did not book a room. We changed the headline in the second email to highlight the $100 gift card. First Email: Delivered to: 40,475 people. Opens: 8,606 (21.3% open rate). Bookings: 549 room nights. The booking trend flat-lined after 10 days. After 3 days of no sales. Second Email: Delivered to 502 people. Opens: 235 (47.2% open rate). Bookings: 167 guest nights within 48 hours for a total of more than $100,000 in revenue.

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