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Best Email Opt-in Campaign:
Gold Consumer
Blockbuster 'I Want You to Want Me' Campaign

Brand/Client Side Team:
Jon West, Tracy Matthews, David Ausley, Margaret Landis


MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Aside from the great campaign name (how much better can you explain permission than that?), we're a big fan of co-registration efforts to grow house lists. MarketingSherpa data shows co-registration names to efforts like Blockbuster's where the offer is clear can perform *as well as* names who opt-in at your own site. Best of all, Blockbuster tested different offers to see what worked (new release versus rental coupon) and sent new opt-ins a special autoresponder welcome message created just for this campaign. Kudos all around.

From Their Nomination Form:
Goal of campaign: To attain the email addresses of Blockbuster members. The value proposition to the person who opts in - the majority of the emails the person who opts in receives is about new movie and game releases, and it fits perfectly into the goal of getting more Blockbuster members into the stores or the online program. The offer in the co-registration ad is unique because each month we highlighted select upcoming new releases that engaged the registrants to take action without relying on a 'hard offer.' Additionally, once the registrant opts in, they are sent an auto responder that expands upon what they get and drives them to for more information. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data - and were thoroughly impressed!

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