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Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
Autoresponder Series Delivers Real Estate Profits in Worst Market Ever: 5 Strategies

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Good Morning!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your interest in
getting lucrative real estate deals with us-

Please help us serve you better by answering a few quick questions
so we know if we should contact you or not when we find a great deal.

1- If we found you the perfect, far below market personal or
investment property now, are you ready to buy?

If "Yes":

2- In what specific cities/subdivisions are you looking for investment
or personal property?

3- How severe of a fixer do you want (no fixers, cosmetic, major)?

4- How are you planning to finance your deal (cash, private lenders,
partners, or conventional loans)?

5- Are you looking for private money lenders or money partners?

6- Is your investment objective to flip immediately or to buy and hold?

7- Are you interested in learning how to find incredible deals and wholesale
them to other investors for massive cash flow?

8- Last, how did you hear about us?

Thanks [name]! We will notify you of our far below market
deals as we get them. We also have reps that will custom find a foreclosure
deal GUARANTEED to be below market if you want a specific type of property
in a specific area NOW.

Please reply to this email if you want a member of our team to contact you
right away about custom finding you a distressed property far below market.

P.S. We DO NOT share your personal information with anyone, ever.