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Hi [name]:

Over the past few years I have developed a few deal analyzers to save
massive time determining if a property is profitable or not.

As a token of appreciation, I have attached the analyzer I use for flips.
(I use a separate one for owner carry and "subject to" deals).

It will quickly take all guesswork out of determining if a deal
is profitable or not. It will also:

-Calculate out-of-pocket cash requirements
-Calculate hard money loan fees
-Calculate profit after all costs (including financing cost)
-Help you determine if you should use hard money or not
-Calculate your return on cash just a few moments!

No strings or gimmicks - it's yours to keep.

I hope it saves you as much time as it has saved me.

Be Happy and Prosper,


P.S. - you must have Excel installed on your computer
P.S.S.- please let me know if you catch a flaw in any calculations (there
shouldn't be!)