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Autoresponder Series Delivers Real Estate Profits in Worst Market Ever: 5 Strategies

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Dear [name]:

As a fellow real estate investor, you know that there is one overriding
"Trump Card Secret" of successful real estate buying. True, there are a
number of important things, but not one is as important as finding:

...A Motivated Seller.

My name is Kurtis Squyres. My wife Cindy and I have been perfecting the art
of finding motivated sellers for over 11 years in San Bernardino, Orange and
Riverside Counties. Combined, we have bought, fixed up, and sold over 350
homes for some great profits.

We quite simply can't take on all the deals we find or hear about. We
actively "wholesale" great deals to other investors. They are mostly single
family residences but we do also find income and commercial property as

You will receive regular updates on our deals, and occasional brief emails
discussing what is working and what isn't in California real estate and why.

We also have representatives that will custom find you what you need at a
price that is guaranteed at least $50,000 below market, usually much more.

Also, we have contractors we have used for years and still use that we will
personally vouch for if you find a steal on a fixer and you want to bring it
up to "model home" status. If you are looking to get it fixed up and rented
out, well, heck, we have the best property management in place as well.

In our dozen years of real estate investing, we've NEVER been more excited
about the buying opportunities that in front of us right now.

The great "shakeout" is upon us, and if you want to be a multi-millionaire
when the storm passes, then you should prepare yourself to find and acquire
highly discounted propery over the next few years as lenders are desperately
forced to unload at ridiculously low prices.

Please be on the lookout for an email in the next week or so that will ask
for what area and what type of property you want.

Also, just to be sure, please add us to your "safe" so that our deals and emails are sure to get
to you.

We talk to many investors every day ranging from beginner (or even those
still thinking about taking the plunge) to the most seasoned veterans. We
love real estate and we never get sick of it, so please pick up the phone
and give us a call or send us an email anytime about any topic: how we find
motivated sellers, private financing for your deals, the most important
improvements you should make to add value to your house, etc. etc.

...our resources, strategies, knowledge, and door are always open to you.

THIS JUST IN-  we have just launched a new community site where you can get
TONS of resources, get your questions answered, meet other successful
investors, etc-  just go sign up at our new forum:

...We look forward to working with you!

Be Happy and Prosper,