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Citrix Online Landing Page Tests:

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
Case Study: Landing Page Test Results - How to Get Consumers to Register as Phone Sales Leads Online

  1. Original home page (clicks first went there)
  2. Using the registration page as a landing page
  3. First try at a purpose-built landing page
  4. Fine-tuning the basic landing page
    - Tweaked version
    - Sample of copy tests
  5. Testing major variations
    - Ask for credit card in first step
    - Two-column design
    - Registration form on top
    - "Lite" design with almost no copy
    - Heavy copy intro page
    - 1-2-3 Step version
    - Flash version
    - Co-branded version landing page
    - Search traffic version featuring keyword in headline
  6. Current landing page control