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Where to Test, What to Test, What to Ask

Daniel Burstein, Tony Doty and Adam Lapp, all of MECLABS

This video provides a broad overview on the subject of testing and optimization programs that offer marketers both actionable advice, and actual examples of those concepts in practice.

Some of the concepts Doty and Lapp cover include:

  • Learning where to test by identifying key steps and pages in the Marketing/Sales funnel
  • Mapping the primary conversion path of prospects to prioritize testing sequence
  • Estimating conversion impact of leaks in the funnel
  • Estimating the IT impact of fixing each leak in the funnel
  • Formulating a testing hypothesis and creating the research question to test

Also, a large portion of the session covers each element of the patented MarketingExperiments conversion heuristic — C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a — in detail. Viewers will learn how elements such as motivation, value proposition, incentives, friction and anxiety should be handled in a testing and optimization program.

(Download the slides to this presentation)

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