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How MarketingSherpa has helped marketer's careers

About MarketingSherpa Benchmark Reports & Handbooks About MarketingSherpa Summits About MarketingSherpa Case Studies & Articles

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How MarketingSherpa has helped marketer's careers

“Marketing Sherpa is one of the few sources of online marketing information that is consistently reliable and useful.”
-Nick Usborne

“MarketingSherpa is a gold mine of performance based online marketing literature. We use it all the time to keep up on industry trends and best practices, and in fact a tip we picked up regarding call-to-action button copy led to large lifts for our clients.”
- Brooks Bell, President, Brooks Bell Interactive

"MarketingSherpa has helped me become a more effective marketer because it's the one place I can go to get an analytical view of marketing information. One of those truisms of marketing that everybody knows that anyone can do it and everybody's a better marketer than you are. The one thing you can't argue with is data especially in my engineering driven field, and so the one thing that no one will argue with is data. When I think of MarketingSherpa the one thing that comes to mind is not opinions but actual data. And information about how you can translate that data into the same kinds of issues that you are facing in your own company in a business that may be completely different than what the MarketingSherpa case study is that you're actually looking at."
- Jean Anne Booth, CMO, Luminary Micro,

"When I think of MarketingSherpa the thing that comes to mind that there's specific data that I can share with my manager where I can tell her here's an area where we can improve, here's an area where we're doing really well. And let's take a look at where we can do some tests and make some changes."
- Julio Fernandez, Director of E-Marketing, Oracle Corporation,

"MarketingSherpa has really impacted my ability to be an effective email marketer. I heard about MarketingSherpa about a year ago when I was new the email marketing business. The books and studies about benchmarks really help me go back to my executives and show them we're doing a good job. When I think of MarketingSherpa I think of great new ideas and know that it's a really trusted brand that I can read a newsletter on a daily or weekly basis that is going to help me do my job better."
- Cheryl Simmons, Email Marketing Manager, Echo Star Satellite, Dish Network,

"When I think of MarketingSherpa, I think of the tips and best practices we can use to be more effective at what we do."
- Paul Packin, Miatic Inc.

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About MarketingSherpa Benchmark Reports & Handbooks Top of Page

Landing Page Handbook

"This book is astonishing and you should read it. It's astonishing because it will tell you very obvious things that you don't know, didn't realize and weren't taking action on. As the person who invented the term Landing Page in 1995 (right after Al Gore invented the internet) I can tell you that we've waited a long, long time for this sort of common sense, hands on, verified info. The bad news is that you are now out of excuses."
- Seth Godin, Author,

"I wanted to drop you a note telling you how incredible your Landing Page Handbook is. The handbook is clear about what works and what doesn't work with loads of data to support its claims. I am in the process of implementing changes and fully expect massive improvements to my metrics. Once again, you have shown why MarketingSherpa is the only source we need to improve our Web presence."
- Brett Hayes,

"I want to thank you for putting out the landing page handbook. I found that document instrumental in getting one of our clients a 400% lift in conversion response."
- Elliott Easterling, VP Sales and Marketing, Co-Founder,Red Bricks Media,

"My honest advice? Buy this report, copy what others have done to increase their landing page conversion rates, and make more money. It's as simple as that."
- Nick Usborne, Publisher,

"I bought the Landing Page Handbook. I was in two minds about buying it for ages. I am a one-man band so $250 is a lot when your sales are so low. Within the first 50 pages I was 10 for 10 on the common mistakes made on landing pages. I started applying the books recommendation to my site. I have gone from +-1 sale a week up to 3 a day and climbing consistently for the past 3 weeks. All the "Experts" told me to up my spend on Adwords to up sales and I did. I now realize I was just wasting my money till I read this book and made the changes. Great book, worth every cent."
- Peter Mercer, Director, Network & Perimeter Security Services

Email Marketing Benchmark Report

"The transactional email study is fascinating and leads to some surprising conclusions. A must-read for those looking to expand their email marketing efforts to order confirmations, shipping notices, receipts etc."
- Mark Brownlow, Email Marketing Reports

"MarketingSherpa's Email Benchmark Report is one of the best resources out there for email marketers. I especially like the fact that it is full of stats and charts that I can use to compare my own results with. The insights that you get from this guide are very useful in the day-to-day life of an email marketer."
- Tamara Gielen, OgilvyOne

“Year after year, MarketingSherpa’s Email Benchmark Guide proves to be an amazing source of insight, inspiration, and ideas for email marketing professionals. The 2009 edition is no exception as it documents, yet again, that there’s still plenty of ROI gold in email marketing’s hills for those who eschew “burn & churn” tactics in favor of efforts that facilitate long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with customers and prospects.”
- Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP Marketing, Exact Target

"The 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide has been extremely helpful to my electronic marketing staff. It helped us pinpoint areas that needed improvement because we were able to see the results from other B-2-B and B-2-C marketers. I'm sure our campaigns will be much more effective because of what we learned."
- Denise Elliott, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Kiplinger

“I’ve been a fan of MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guides for years. They are my “go to” source when I’m looking for quantitative data on email marketing to use to benchmark my clients’ efforts. The 2009 guide is the best yet – it includes special reports on false positives, spam laws around the world and list growth. Add to that the in-depth case studies, the new eyetracking study and all the numbers I’ve always loved, and it’s something no email marketer should be without.”
- Jeanne S. Jennings, Consultant, Email Marketing Strategy

“A must have for any email marketing professional.
- Jeff Ginsberg, the eMail company

"...if your email marketing program is moderate to aggressive, this is a “must have.” The amount of quality data contained in this report will eliminate any time spent searching the web for that exact statistic needed. Purchasing this guide will give you access to what others are doing, specific statistics for various industries, and much, much more!"
- Erica DeWolf, CEO & eMarketing Strategist, DeWolf eMarketing & Design

"Just bought and have already devoured your report - it's even better than I expected and my expectations were high."
- Lynda Partner, Former CEO, Got Corporation,

"I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail. I take it into bed for night time reading (I love this stuff!) and mark it up with a highlighter and sticky notes. MarketingSherpa's reports are always so well edited and organized. My online marketing advice? Run, don't walk, and order your copy today. This may be the best investment you make in preparation for marketing your products or service."
- Debbie Weil,WordBIZ,

Social Marketing ROAD Map Handbook

“Whether you’re a marketer just starting out in Social Media or have been traveling these roads for some time, you’re bound to find many valuable tips and strategies in MarketingSherpa’s Social Marketing Road Map Handbook.”
- Debbie Hemley, Weber Media blog post

Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report

"Having read the first Social Media Benchmark Guide by Sherpa's researchers last year, I did not know how they could improve upon it. But, they did. And, did it well. The 2010 edition of this important reference has further development of MarketingSherpa's ROAD Map methodology for social marketing maturity, and it provides a practical perspective on how businesses can make their social efforts effective."
- Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing, HubSpot

"I understand many companies are still feeling tight budgets but I have to say, you probably can’t afford NOT to get this guide."
- Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing

Search Marketing Benchmark Report-SEO Edition

"Once again, MarketingSherpa delivers THE definitive benchmark to all things search. But this time they've taken it to a completely new level, the SEO edition provides tactical insights, analysis and commentary from industry insiders that allow you to take the actions needed to remain competitive. I can’t wait to review the upcoming PPC version as well."
- Jim Kukral, author of the book "Attention! This Book Will Make You Money".

"MarketingSherpa's Search Marketing Report provides an inside look at what top search marketers already know, and explains why they are more successful. Get in the game with this report."
- Jim Kukral, Director of e-Marketing/Brand Manager,KowaBunga! Technologies,

B2B Lead Generation Handbook

“The B2B Handbook is amazing; almost every page that I turn to has something useful, there are so many good nuggets to use.”
- Jon Miller, President, Marketo

“This is an excellent training tool – a must-read for your entire staff!”
- Andy Beal, Marketing Pilgrim

"A lot of handbooks promise to help your business. This one delivers!"
- Steve Gershik, Vice President of Marketing Innovation, Eloqua

“Forehead smackers I should've known but never thought of included some great trade show marketing techniques, options for tweaking PPC campaigns (hint: even if you're creating lots of separate ad groups, you still don't have enough) and ways to win over the IT department. They thought of everything.”
- Ian Lurie, Conversation Marketing

"I think MarketingSherpa's B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook is a must read for marketers! It's jam packed with practical, hands-on-advice on what really works to generate leads today."
- Brian Carroll, InTouch

"The B2B handbook is a marketer's dream. It outlines practical ways to approach all of the new world's challenges, from Web 2.0, to dashboarding, to successful campaign planning. Anne's 10 years of experience provide confidence that you can leverage and use the gread advice."
- Sandy Carter, IBM Vice President , SOA and WebSphere Channels, Strategy, and Marketing, IBM Inc.

B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

“I love the actionable, concrete data and commentary in your new Report, it helps me make smarter, fact-based decisions.”
- Bill Baird, President, Baird Direct Marketing, Inc.

“The B2B Marketing Benchmark Report is my first destination anytime I need metrics or tips for any aspect of B2B marketing, ranging from the percent of revenue spent on marketing to email open and click rates to lead conversion. Even if you’ve purchased prior guide’s, this year’s report has additional information and best practices about timely topics such as building brands with Social Media and tips for lead nurturing and lead scoring, as well as tactics to use in a recovering economy. If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and focus your efforts on the most profitable and actionable tactics, then this is the report for you.”
- Jon Miller, VP Marketing, Marketo

"Congratulations! We just received our copy and it's amazing!!! It's full of fantastic stuff that is extremely useful."
- Frederick Marckini, Founder & CEO, iProspect,

"This is a fantastic report. It answers every question I've ever asked about IT Marketing Metrics."
- Michael Grover, Former Director of Marketing, CMP Media's TechWeb Network,

Ecommerce Benchmark Report

"I looked through my copy of the Report, marking useful, actionable tidbits. As I worked through the Report, I began to make small but significant changes in my product pages, such as adding a guarantee graphic and revising my return policy wording. These changes alone will probably generate of hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in increased revenue."
- Dr Ralph Wilson, Publisher, Web Marketing Today,

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About MarketingSherpa Summits Top of Page

Email Marketing Summit

“I’m always impressed with the breadth and scope of MarketingSherpa’s coverage. In the first hour of the Summit alone I have gained invaluable takeaways to help me achieve better responses to our email campaigns. Sherpa always provides me with ‘golden nuggets’ of information that I can put into practice right away. Thanks!”
- Tom Ehart, Online Marketing Manager, BNA Tax & Accounting

“MarketingSherpa promised that the Email Summit sessions would be presented by marketers, not vendor salespeople. Having been to enough conferences where that occurred, I wasn’t sure if they’d actually make true on that promise but, without a doubt, they did! The presentations covered a wide variety of email & social media topics, presented by speakers ranging from hard-charging entrepreneurs, to expert-voice PHD’s to soft-spoken, confident lead gen specialists. That mix, and the new inclusion of separate B2B and B2C tracks, made the Email Summit a great event for me. The fabulous venue, meals and having a good group of sponsors there exhibiting also contributed to a valuable event for me. I came away with pages and pages of ideas to apply to client situations the next day. The Email Summit was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to, and I look forward to attending again next year!”
- Kyle Rohde, Account Executive, er marketing

"Attending the MarketingSherpa Summit was the best business decision and investment I made in understanding the latest developments in Email Marketing."
- Lisa S. Jones, CEO, EyeMail Inc.

"Biggest take-away from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit is the fact that even though we try to keep up with technology, there's so much more that we have to learn. And to hear the different speakers, it makes me realize that we just have to keep working."
- Julio Fernandez, Director E Marketing, Oracle Corporation,

"I got a lot out of the MarketingSherpa Email Summit, particularly about bartering for co-registration, it's nothing I'd ever thought of and it's a great idea that's definitely going to impact my business."
- Cheryl Simmons, Email Marketing Manager, Echo Star Satellite,Dish Network

"I've really enjoyed the MarketingSherpa Email Summit. My immediate take-away is that it's been an epiphany of what we need to do better: like welcome messages and segmentation."
- Paul Packin, Miatic Incorporated

"We just returned from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit where we exhibited the new WhatCounts show booth. The sold out event was incredible, a "must go" for anyone who is looking to learn about best practices and the state of the email industry."
-Allen Nance, President & CEO, WhatCounts

"The biggest take-away from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit is the recognition that some of our techniques in B-to-B Marketing are actually being used in B-to-C marketing and people think of them only that way but they're actually very powerful techniques of being able to sequence emails based on where people are in their lifecycle."
- Jean Anne Booth, CMO, Luminary Micro,

B2B Marketing Summit

“My field of expertise is B2B Digital Marketing, and the MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit provides me with many new insights, and allows me to network one-on-one with thought leaders in the space. The summit is an investment that pays off many times over."
- Jep Castelein, Principal, LeadSloth

“I came to the 2008 conference and brought back a notebook full of ideas that helped me make a real impact over the last year. This year I’m excited to get back and start applying my new learning’s again. The stuff I learn here makes me look good. Thanks MarketingSherpa!”
- Angela Dunham, Marketing Manager, ShareBuilder

“An outstanding Summit with great content and a compelling value proposition. A practitioner’s delight with take-aways for every level of expertise more power to the MS team and may your tribe increase.”
- Milap Shah, CEO, Nex-sales

"The peer-to-peer interaction was fantastic. Each session and speaker provided spot-on content to help me stay grounded in the real-world. No vendor pitches during sessions - just real marketers providing practical and proven results. Thanks MarketingSherpa, keep up the great work!"
- Liliana Cruz, Varian

"This event exceeded my high expectations and is probably the most practical marketing event out there for those in the B2B space. Every session looked at issues everyone’s facing, and provided real examples and solutions. The challenge for any event attendee is to actually implement what you learn, but that was not a problem at B2B Summit. MarketingSherpa provided takeaways and action items from every session, to make sure that I could make real change when I returned to the office Monday morning. That is what made this event so special.”
- Lynne Brash, Manager, Technology Evaluation Centers

“Attending the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit was a very valuable experience. The diverse speakers covered all of the key topics that B2B marketers are faced with today and left me with a long list of ideas and action items to start working on immediately. This was a great learning experience and given the constant change of pace in the world of marketing, I’m already looking forward to attending again next year.”
- Chris Hutcheson, Recommind

“The B2B Summit was probably one of the best marketing events I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended lots. The sessions were extremely helpful, with practical information that I was immediately able to transfer back to my day-to-day role and educate my team.”
- Catherine Carter, Director, Marketing, Clarity Systems

"The MarketingSherpa B2B Summit helped me get a better understanding of RSS, blogs, SEM, email marketing tactics, PR and web marketing. By showing real life examples of these elements in action, the case studies were particularly helpful to me."
- Philip Corbet, IBM - WW Teleweb

"I have been to dozens of marketing related events... Your October event in Boston was by far the best of them all. Great venue, great hotel (at a very reasonable rate thanks), great speakers and best of all, information that I can go out and put to immediate revenue producing use for my B2B clients."
- Eric Albertson, Partner, Massini Group,

"The Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit helped refine our online marketing strategies in 2006. It provided both the broad themes and specific drill down tactics to generate and convert leads. I particularly enjoyed brainstorming with colleagues who are contending with similar challenges. The conference was worth while, and I have already begun applying the public relations, landing page and blog insights with my clients. It's a must attend!"
- Zachary Braiker, Chief Executive Officer,

"....the content was purely business-to-business, and the knowledge that we acquired is already being put to use in how we run our company."
- Paul Broni, Executive VP, Inbox Interactive, Inc.

"There was so much actionable information I hardly know where to begin!"
- Joe Mann, Director of Multi-channel Marketing,PDI,

"...these past two days have reinvigorated me as I cannot wait to begin to implement my new-found knowledge."
- Tory D. Smith, Manager, Global Lead Management, Thomson Prometric,

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About MarketingSherpa Case Studies & Articles Top of Page

"MarketingSherpa will lead the way to superior marketing on the Web. Sherpa deserves a following."
- Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge Site,

"I remain an avid reader of your newsletters and continue to forward them to everyone I know!"
- Lynda Partner, Former President and CEO,Got Corporation,

"I find that Marketing Sherpa's articles and case studies are always excellent and one of the best resources in the industry. It's really useful stuff and I always read your weekly newsletter. Keep up the good work!"
- Samantha McArthur, Internet Marketing Consultant, Forty First,

"EmailSherpa is unique and desperately needed by those of us in the volume-email trenches. Keep up the great work!"
- Charlie Darling, Publisher,

"One of the things I like about MarketingSherpa articles is that they usually have a sample of the e-mail or other creative work mentioned in the case study. I also like the fact that their newsletters are free and full of useful, real-life information."
- Michael E. Duffy, Publisher, The Winery Web Site Report,

How to submit your own testimonial or feedback Top of Page

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