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How To(s) relating to B-to-B Marketing

How To #HOW30956:

Video’s Role in Your Marketing: 6 Proven Tactics to Support Lead Gen, Search, Product Launches

Summary: The release of our first Video Marketing Benchmark Guide got us thinking about the role marketers see video playing down the road. So, we turned to the past to find tactics with proven results.

TV and online channels are common tactics, but there are other options for incorporating video into your marketing mix. Here are six video tactics that can complement lead generation, email campaigns, and product launches. continue...
Posted: Dec 10, 2008
How To #HOW30644:

Lead Generation Special Report: B-to-B Insights, Strategies & Tactics to Get More Leads – 22-Page Download

Summary: B-to-B marketing has undergone a revolution since 2000. MarketingSherpa has conducted tens of thousands of hours of peer-driven research in the field to produce a practical handbook that caps this transformation for you.

Download this special 22-page PDF excerpt from Sherpa’s all-new B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook. Includes six data charts and groundbreaking insights and tactics on:
- Selecting the best media buys
- Search engine marketing and SEO tips
- Using Web 2.0 promotions and videos
- How to create great content continue...
Posted: Jun 11, 2008
How To #HOW30532:

How to Get Double-Digit Response From Customer Surveys - Copywriting & Subject Line Tips

Summary: Online surveys can really add to your bottom line. You learn valuable information about your customers. Doing them right can make them even more informative and cost-effective.

See how a software provider entices 12% of past customers and 31% of all new customers to complete their surveys. Includes a dozen tips to help you craft your survey and subject lines that will gather revenue-boosting responses. continue...
Posted: Apr 23, 2008
How To #HOW30419:

How to Use Forums to Become a Thought Leader: 10 Steps to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Summary: Establishing your brand as a leader in its field can make a real difference for your sales team when trying to convert prospects, especially if your brand is not well known or difficult to differentiate from your competition.

See how a software firm focused on thought leadership to help get its brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Includes 10 steps for using client forums and MP3 distribution. continue...
Posted: Mar 26, 2008
How To #HOW30339:

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog on Weekends

Summary: Many B-to-B bloggers have a problem: Most of their readership disappears on the weekends. Who wants to read industry news and analysis when they could be skiing, golfing or going to the beach?

One blogger bucked that trend with a content strategy that reflects the spirit of the weekend, and traffic is up 400%. Leads for the company have increased, and they've solidified their position as a thought leader. continue...
Posted: Feb 13, 2008
How To #HOW30298:

Special - Click Now to Get Your Complimentary Copy of Sherpa’s 2008 Wisdom Report

Summary: No summary available. continue...
Posted: Jan 16, 2008
How To #HOW30238:

How to Salvage a Lead-Gen Campaign Flooded With Incentive Seekers: 7 Damage-Control Tips

Summary: What if the majority of business leads you worked so hard to collect are worthless because the incentive attracted attention from thousands of consumers looking for a handout.

See the damage control plan a technology firm launched to shut down the campaign and cut off the source of bogus leads. Includes seven steps for sorting the good leads from the bad and lessons learned to avoid future snafus. continue...
Posted: Dec 05, 2007
How To #HOW30215:

How to Use Customer Surveys to Track Leads - 5 Tactics to Keep Them From Getting Lost

Summary: Getting feedback on leads passed onto a sales team often frustrates marketers who generate them. What happened? Did any leads turn into new business?

Find out what a company that develops lead-management systems for manufacturers did to create a continual link between sales and marketing teams. Includes five steps to create a lead-surveying program that works. continue...
Posted: Nov 28, 2007
How To #HOW30150:

How to Use YouTube to Generate Leads: 7 Video Posting Strategies & Tagging Tips

Summary: Even B-to-B marketers can use YouTube and other video platforms as a marketing strategy. One company has been uploading videos for a year now to generate leads, reaching thousands of new viewers who aren't subscribers to their video newsletters.

Includes how to create a channel and insert a pitch for potential customers. Plus, tagging tips and why is better than YouTube for some efforts. continue...
Posted: Oct 03, 2007
How To #HOW30141:

How to Get Busy Execs to Attend Your Complimentary Event - 9 Best Practices

Summary: Real-world seminars, case study presentations and panel discussions can help close your most qualified prospects in ways that webinars and white papers simply can’t. But, first, you have to get those seats filled.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to follow when organizing a complimentary event -- from putting together your email list of top prospects to creating a sense of urgency in your invitation to the best way to boost attendance rates. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2007

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