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How To(s) relating to B-to-B Marketing

How To #HOW31853:

Virtual Events: How IBM’s marketing department quickly responded to the economic downturn

Summary: Change can come quickly in business, and often, the larger the firm, the tougher it is to adapt. An unstable economy coupled with a reduction in business travel over the last several years meant attendance at live corporate events was down. One very large company known for its live events felt the pinch.

Its solution was to create a top-down effort in online interaction that led to the creation of a virtual event center for the entire company. Find out how this very large firm is capable of equally significant change when faced with a serious business challenge. continue...
Posted: Mar 02, 2011
How To #HOW31826:

CRM and the Marketing Database: Data hygiene, behavioral analysis and more

Summary: Between cloud solutions, tools that allow B2B marketers to conduct behavioral analysis, and data hygiene, the marketing database and the CRM are interesting topics right now for B2B marketers. There is a wide range of tools and solutions for marketers to use to enhance the database and how it's used by both Sales and Marketing.

We talked to three industry experts who outlined six topics related to the B2B marketing database that marketers should be thinking about in 2011. Read about data hygiene, the trending topics of social media and mobile computing, how both affect the B2B database and more. continue...
Posted: Feb 02, 2011
How To #HOW31818:

Lead Generation Optimization: 7 'must-haves' to improve your campaign planning process

Summary: Marketers rely more on creativity than process. And though it's necessary for marketing teams to maintain strong creative energy, they might be overlooking how a clearly defined process can benefit lead gen efforts.

See what David Green, Director of Best Practices, Primary Research, MECLABS, had to say about how incorporating a process-oriented approach can help drive leads to the top of the funnel. continue...
Posted: Jan 26, 2011
How To #HOW31813:

How and When to Use Content in the B2B Sales Process

Summary: The buying process is unique to each company offering products and services, and the content is unique as well. But, there are common overarching themes that apply to every business.

We have a breakout panel at next week's Email Summit 2011 in Las Vegas titled, "How to Develop Content for Specific Buying Stages." For both Summit attendees and readers who can't make it to the conference, here is insight from three of the panelists. continue...
Posted: Jan 19, 2011
How To #:

MarketingSherpa’s Take on B2B in 2010: Part two -- marketing automation and lead generation content

Summary: This past year has been challenging in the B2B marketing world. Marketers were asked to generate higher-quality leads with increasingly limited resources. To continue our end-of-year review, part two of our 2010 B2B wrap-up highlights two areas of significant interest to B2B marketers -- marketing automation and lead generation content. continue...
Posted: Dec 29, 2010
How To #:

MarketingSherpa's Take on B2B in 2010: Part one -- lead nurturing and social media

Summary: This past year has been fairly challenging in the B2B marketing world, as many marketers were asked to generate higher-quality leads with increasingly limited resources.

To close 2010 we are giving you the first in a two-part series highlighting four areas of particular interest to B2B marketers in 2010. This week features lead nurturing and social media B2B. Next week we'll cover marketing automation and lead generation content. continue...
Posted: Dec 24, 2010
How To #HOW31783:

Guided by Buyers: Four tactics to create a customer-centric sales and marketing strategy

Summary: The customer comes first. We all know this isn't always the case, but employing this attitude when looking at the B2B marketing and sales process can really pay off. Benefits include a better integration of Sales and Marketing, which allows Marketing to offer tangible results and a streamlined buying experience for the customer that will lead to more revenue.

One former VP and current business growth consultant has spent more than 30 years working to promote alignment between Marketing, Sales and leadership, and offers four tactics Marketing can use to improve the marketing and sales cycle through a customer-centric approach. continue...
Posted: Dec 15, 2010
How To #HOW31748:

Fostering Sales-Marketing Alignment: A 5-Step Lead Management Process

Summary: Recent MarketingSherpa research has shown that B2B marketers face their most significant challenges when trying to generate high-quality leads. This, alongside the always complicated relationships with Sales, highlights the growing importance of proper lead management.

Read on for five important lead management steps to help you maximize the efficiency -- and results -- of your sales funnel. continue...
Posted: Nov 03, 2010
How To #HOW31725:

Chief Marketing Technologist: Finding the Right Person to Connect Powerful Tools with Effective Campaigns

Summary: Marketing with the most effective tactics increasingly means marketing with the latest technology. As innovation piles on top of innovation, how can your team ensure you’re selecting and using solutions wisely?

See why the CTO of a marketing software company says more marketing teams need managers who focus exclusively on marketing technology. Find out where he says you might find the right person for the job. continue...
Posted: Oct 07, 2010
How To #HOW31720:

Bridging the Gap: 5 Objectives for Improving Relations between Sales and Marketing (Part 2)

Summary: With the first of two MarketingSherpa B2B Summits taking place in San Francisco next week, we felt the time was right to address one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers – alignment with sales.

In the conclusion of this extensive excerpt from our B2B Lead Generation Handbook, we explore ways to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with sales – focusing on how strong communications can help you build your database and better understand the sales team's strategies, challenges and insights. continue...
Posted: Sep 29, 2010

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