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How To(s) relating to B-to-B Marketing

How To #HOW32075:

Content Marketing: Videos attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads

Summary: Social media and blogs are two of the most popular channels in content marketing. But you have plenty of other tools at your disposal, including video. Sound too expensive? Think again.

See how a B2B software company used videos to boost site traffic and nurture leads on a slashed budget. We included tactics that the team used to turn its email marketing into its best promoter of videos. continue...
Posted: Dec 14, 2011
How To #HOW32053:

B2B Marketing: 5 privacy factors to consider when using marketing automation

Summary: One aspect of implementing marketing automation software is the use of first-party tracking to collect data about prospects for lead nurturing and scoring. This data also brings with it a certain level of privacy concerns and responsibility.

This article looks at five factors surrounding marketing automation and privacy, including the difference between first- and third-party tracking, regulation issues around the 2009 EU privacy directive, and why transparently handling your customer’s data is a good marketing practice. continue...
Posted: Nov 09, 2011
How To #HOW32044:

Social Media Marketing: 9 tactics for B2B social channel advertising

Summary: Did you know 81% of U.S. online adults use social media? This fact alone should help convince you that social media is a B2B marketing channel. If your customers and prospects can be found on social media, shouldn't you consider social media advertising?

MarketingSherpa had the chance to discuss social channel advertising with three industry experts. This how-to article offers nine tactics including social advertising testing, using social advertising for lead gen, and why creating a YouTube video might be more effective than advertising on the platform. continue...
Posted: Oct 26, 2011
How To #HOW32034:

Guided by Buyers: 4 tactics to create a customer-centric sales and marketing strategy

Summary: Last year, we published an excellent how-to article on creating a customer-centric marketing and sales strategy featuring Kristin Zhivago. A B2B Summit 2011 keynote speaker in Boston, she will again present her presentation, “The Buyer's Funnel and Your Political Power: Joined at the Hip” at the west coast leg of the Summit in San Francisco, Oct. 24-25.

This article, and Zhivago's presentation, explain why you want to listen to your customers, what questions you want to ask them, and how this knowledge will improve the entire buying funnel and help provide Marketing political clout within an organization. continue...
Posted: Oct 12, 2011
How To #HOW32024:

Local Search Marketing: 6 tactics to take advantage of a search marketing category with less B2B competition

Summary: Do you believe local search is a search engine marketing strategy best pursued by consumer marketers? Think again. According to MarketingSherpa research, local search is underutilized by all marketers, yet it should be part of any B2B marketer's overall search effort.

This article offers six tactics to help you get started with search engine business "place" listings, tells you how location-based landing pages can improve local search, and even provides a tip on how handling "under-the-hood" elements of your website can boost local search efforts. continue...
Posted: Sep 28, 2011
How To #HOW32016:

Email Marketing: Anti-newsletter strategy nurtures $1.5 million in leads in 4 months at Citrix

Summary: The greatest challenge B2B marketers face is to generate high-quality leads. Since 55% report email marketing as only "somewhat" effective, there is clearly room for many to improve their email nurturing.

See how Citrix stopped sending an email newsletter, started sending targeted content, and nurtured more than $1.5 million in leads in four months. Learn what they automated, what they didn't, and their results. continue...
Posted: Sep 20, 2011
How To #HOW31938:

Content Marketing: Four tactics that led to $2.5 million in annual contracts

Summary: Content marketing is a vital piece of the marketing puzzle. Whitepapers have long been one of the keys to B2B marketing, and even webinars and online video are both pieces of content marketing.

This how-to looks at four successful content marketing tactics a marketing automation company uses to create buzz, generate leads and drive revenue. Also, find out how a corporate journalist can help build your brand. continue...
Posted: Jun 15, 2011
How To #HOW31900:

B2B How-To: 5 lead nurturing tactics to get from lead gen to sales-qualified

Summary: At the beginning of the lead gen process you most likely simply ask a lead to "raise their hand" and request more information. At the end, the prospect is ready to hand off to Sales. The long middle portion -- lead nurturing -- is how the lead proceeds down the path to becoming a converted customer.

This how-to article covers all three parts of the lead process: Demand generation, lead nurturing, and passing the lead on to Sales. Read on for five lead nurturing tactics that help turn that initial "raised hand" into a sales-qualified lead. continue...
Posted: Apr 27, 2011
How To #HOW31894:

How-To Increase Relevance: Integrating drip marketing into an email campaign

Summary: Relevance equals response. But the B2B pipeline is very complex, and it is quite difficult to tap into the motivations of your current leads and future prospects. Drip marketing is one way to make this connection -- scheduled touch points with prospects to enhance both lead generation and lead nurturing.

Drip marketing can be defined in many ways, and here is a detailed look at how one marketer used drip marketing to increase the relevance of his lead nurturing efforts. continue...
Posted: Apr 20, 2011
How To #:

B2B Marketing: The FUEL methodology outlined

Summary: The B2B Marketing/Sales funnel is complex and covers lead generation through the actual sale. Too often, B2B marketers focus on lead generation in quantity, but neglect elements such as qualifying and nurturing those leads. Elements that provide Sales with prospects who are ready to buy.

Jen Doyle, MarketingSherpa's Senior Research Analyst, has created a practical, four-stage step-by-step methodology for B2B marketers. continue...
Posted: Mar 16, 2011

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