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Case Study(s) relating to B-to-B Marketing

Case Study #CS32280:

Content Marketing: McGladrey’s 4-step process increases content production 300%, Web traffic 100%

Summary: If the website is the center of the marketing universe, content is the cement that holds that foundation together, according to Eric Webb, Senior Director of Communications & Brand, McGladrey, a global assurance, tax and consulting firm.

This case study covers how McGladrey completely revamped its content marketing and website design, streamlining content production in the process. The company increased Web traffic, boosted its content production, and, in a less than three-month period, can now attribute $427,000 in business to its content marketing strategy. continue...
Posted: Sep 26, 2012
Case Study #CS32274:

Combining Social Media and Event Marketing: Year-round effort boosts clickthrough 236%

Summary: Live events create a lot of buzz among attendees -- getting existing customers more engaged, and prospects excited about your products and services. The marketing challenge lies in harnessing this excitement throughout the year.

Cisco faced this issue with its Cisco Live user conference. The event creates a community that interacts within itself and with Cisco. Cisco created a social media program that targeted the Cisco Live audience and offered year-round problem solving and engagement. Learn the steps that led to a 236% increase in CTR over one year and growth across the targeted social media platforms. continue...
Posted: Sep 19, 2012
Case Study #CS32239:

Local B2B Marketing: 150% boost in lead generation

Summary: The Internet is a key marketing tool for driving leads and finding new customers, even for businesses based on on-site client interaction. A local franchise and commercial facility cleaning company's CEO realized his sales team had maximized its relationship building. The answer was an Internet direct response "marketing machine."

Read on to learn how the team used a "fail fast" philosophy to build that marketing machine, and drove a 9% conversion rate and a 150% increase in lead generation.

Mike Ulwelling, CEO, ServiceMaster Solutions, will share his case study at the upcoming MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012, August 27-30 in Orlando. continue...
Posted: Aug 15, 2012
Case Study #CS32215:

Multichannel Marketing: Combining email and content marketing leads to 35% conversion rate for Elsevier

Summary: Email marketing is a key element of the complex B2B sale. Its main role is to serve as the communication medium for delivering content to prospective customers. This strategy is important because those prospects conduct their own research long before making a purchase decision, and because an effective email and content strategy helps Marketing provide Sales with higher-quality leads.

Read on to learn how one B2B marketing team utilized email to improve lead generation through a combined email and content marketing strategy, and how this effort led to an average of 35% conversion to lead via online form registration. continue...
Posted: Jul 10, 2012
Case Study #CS32208:

A/B Testing: How a landing page test yielded a 6% increase in leads

Summary: A/B testing offers marketers the ability to continually learn from their customers, and improve marketing efforts through this new knowledge. To drive this point home, HubSpot sponsored a live test at Optimization Summit 2012 that helped drive a 6% increase in leads for one of its landing pages.

This case study breaks down the steps HubSpot and MECLABS took to design, launch and learn from an A/B test, and includes an inside look at the original hypotheses created for this test. continue...
Posted: Jun 27, 2012
Case Study #CS32198:

Inbound Marketing: How a software company generated 190% more leads with a small budget

Summary: Startup companies face many challenges -- most notably the competition with better-funded and more established organizations, which have substantial budgets for traditional marketing and advertising.

This case study looks at a U.K.-based recruiting software company that devoted its entire marketing spend on an inbound strategy. Read on to learn how it leveraged its content, social media, and even a unique approach to industry trade shows, to drive a 335% increase in website traffic, and 190% lift in leads generated. continue...
Posted: Jun 13, 2012
Case Study #CS32197:

Lead Generation: B2B content generates $700,000 in leads via email

Summary: B2B email marketing thrives on content. Providing it can be a challenge, but you likely have content sitting around waiting to be used, even if you think it's "off limits."

This B2B team repurposed proprietary research into an email campaign that generated sales leads worth up to $700,000. We describe how the team offered the research without releasing it to the world, and you'll see the campaign's launch email and results. continue...
Posted: Jun 12, 2012
Case Study #CS32194:

Content Marketing: Mindjet’s infographic strategy boosts blog traffic 420%, Facebook views 313.4%

Summary: Content marketing involves creating compelling content that your prospects and customers will want to engage with and share. One stage in the overall process is tailoring each content piece to fit different distribution channels. Long-form blog posts must be reconfigured for Facebook, and then compressed even further for channels such as Twitter and StumbleUpon.

This case study looks at a B2B software company that developed a content marketing strategy heavily reliant on infographics. The company repurposed its content across multiple channels, and used calls-to-action to both improve traffic to the corporate blog and increase its Facebook views and interactions. continue...
Posted: Jun 06, 2012
Case Study #CS32177:

B2B Lead Generation: 300% ROI from email and teleprospecting combo to house list

Summary: Many companies rent lists and reach prospects who have never heard of them, even if it's not a best practice. The marketers in this article, however, earned great results by shifting gears to focus campaigns only on prospects who had prior contact with the company.

See how two emails and six phone calls generate an average 4-to-1 ROI for this healthcare IT company's lead generation. We include the team's contact schedule and show how the emails prime prospects for conversion. continue...
Posted: May 15, 2012
Case Study #CS32174:

Marketing Automation Vendor Selection: B2B marketer reduces unqualified leads 341%

Summary: With an abundance of available marketing automation vendors, there is likely an automation solution that fits into your budget, marketing needs, and existing software (such as CRM).

This case study covers a global ERP software company that employed a marketing automation system which no longer fit its business needs. Learn the process the company used to evaluate 15 marketing automation vendors -- from assembling a team, selecting a new automation solution, and then implementing the software.

Also, see how this company increased deliverability from 81% to 99.6%, and open rate from 11% to 18%, while reducing unqualified leads by 341%. continue...
Posted: May 09, 2012

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