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How To(s) relating to Search Marketing

How To #HOW32267:

Inbound Marketing 101: 5 steps to help you get started

Summary: At MarketingSherpa, we often publish case studies or how-to articles that focus on a specific tactic or campaign. Today's Consumer Marketing newsletter steps back to give you the basics on getting started (or improving your efforts) in an emerging area -- inbound marketing.

The article is based on a recent webinar, "Think Different about Social Media: Four steps to transforming your marketing program," (sponsored by Act-On) presented by MECLABS' Todd Lebo and Sergio Balegno. Read the webinar recap article, and watch the full webinar replay, to learn more about inbound marketing. continue...
Posted: Sep 13, 2012
How To #HOW32253:

Holiday Marketing: 8 trending tactics and tips for 2012

Summary: The holiday marketing season is rapidly approaching, and consumer marketers should be in the process of finalizing holiday strategies. Even though successful marketing tactics and strategies carry over from year-to-year, each season offers new wrinkles on old ideas and sometimes completely new marketing channels and technologies.

Read on for eight tactics from nine consumer marketing experts, covering retargeting campaigns, what’s happening in social media this year, tailoring campaigns to different devices, taking advantage of technology to personalize the website experience, and a tip on why 2012 is a year to keep a close eye on the calendar. continue...
Posted: Aug 30, 2012
How To #:

Inbound Marketing: 5 tactics for developing an optimized architecture

Summary: Inbound marketing can use organic search, social media and content marketing to draw prospects in to a point of conversion. A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, "Building an Inbound Marketing Architecture" (sponsored by Marketo) established a tactical plan for accomplishing goals and increasing reach on social networks. MECLABS' Kaci Bower also discussed what inbound marketing is, and its importance to marketers today.

In this follow-up, learn to launch an inbound marketing architecture with a plan and a purpose, driving traffic to a point of convergence and conversion with a result of significantly reduced costs, increased sales and improved ROI. continue...
Posted: Aug 23, 2012
How To #HOW32216:

Develop a Winning Combination for Social Media Integration: 9 tips from a recent MarketingSherpa webinar

Summary: In the recent MarketingSherpa webinar, "Develop a Winning Combination for Social Media Integration" (sponsored by Aquent), MECLABS’ Kaci Bower discussed how big a role your team plays in social integration effectiveness, as well as some practices you can use to improve results.

In the following webinar recap, which includes the full webinar replay, we asked Bower to expand upon some highlights of her presentation. continue...
Posted: Jul 11, 2012
How To #HOW32139:

Link Building: 5 tactics to build a better SEO strategy

Summary: Search engines use a torrent of factors to rank your pages. Marketers have guessed at which are the most important for years, and one continues to top the list: inbound links.

We interviewed three SEO experts to get their best tactics for attracting valuable links. Find out how to uncover competitors' search marketing tactics and how to keep links pouring in for years. continue...
Posted: Mar 22, 2012
How To #HOW32129:

Content Marketing How-to: 5 tactics to improve results, pick topics, set goals

Summary: Creating good content is hard work, so it's easy to want to get it out of the way. But you have to be careful not to rush your planning. Otherwise, you could miss the mark and have to start over again.

We pulled tactics from interviews with three content marketers to help you get better results with your whitepapers, blog posts, webinars and other content. Find out what you must know before publishing, and how you can find new opportunities for topics to cover. continue...
Posted: Mar 08, 2012
How To #HOW32103:

Long-tail Search Marketing: SEO how-to content and videos earn 9% conversion rate

Summary: People who find your website through a search engine can be highly qualified. This quality can stretch even further when they find you with specific, long-tail keywords.

See how one retailer earned a 9% conversion rate by targeting specific search terms. Find out how the team used highly targeted video and content to grab more real estate on search pages and convinced visitors to purchase. continue...
Posted: Jan 26, 2012
How To #HOW32083:

Inbound Marketing 2011: The 9 social media, content marketing, and SEO articles your peers shared most

Summary: More companies realized in 2011 that content marketing, SEO, social media and website optimization can be combined to create a powerful strategy. One year into our Inbound newsletter, we're looking back at the best examples we found.

Inside, you'll find links to more than nine case studies and how-to articles highlighting the Inbound Marketing newsletter's most-tweeted articles of the year. We comment on trends and point to resources to help you measure Facebook campaigns, avoid Google penalties, and improve your content marketing. continue...
Posted: Dec 29, 2011
How To #HOW32082:

B2B Marketing: 6 lessons learned in 2011 from 7 marketing experts

Summary: To wrap up another year of B2B marketing, we’ve reached out to seven marketers and industry experts to offer you six tactics based on marketing lessons learned in 2011.

Read on to find out what our expert sources said about lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing; inbound SEO; letting your customer tell you how to market to them; and making that personal touch truly personal. continue...
Posted: Dec 28, 2011
How To #HOW32081:

Consumer Marketing: 8 case studies and 3 how-to articles on 4 key trends for 2012

Summary: Each year, digital marketing offers innovation in existing channels, and creates opportunities in new areas. This makes it a difficult, but exciting time to be a marketer, as digital efforts allow you to track what works, and what doesn’t, in your campaigns.

Our final 2011 B2C article looks at four trends to watch in 2012. Mobile marketing tops the list, and online privacy is a growing concern for all digital marketers. Likewise, there are still new developments in PPC advertising, while optimizing local search is an area primed for growth. continue...
Posted: Dec 22, 2011

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