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How To(s) relating to Business Services Marketing

How To #HOW32243:

B2B Marketing: How National Instruments simplified lead generation and B2B e-commerce decisions for its customers

Summary: National Instruments, a provider of hardware and software for engineers, has products ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars. Consequently, its website serves as both a lead gen engine and an e-commerce hub.

This how-to article covers seven tactics the marketing team used to serve both functions: driving both online purchases and qualified leads for Sales. These tactics include utilizing tools to learn more about visitors and offer recommendations, and using targeted social proof to gain prospect trust.

Joe Rawlinson, Senior E-commerce Product Manager, National Instruments, will present these tactics at the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012, August 27-30 in Orlando. continue...
Posted: Aug 22, 2012
How To #HOW31717:

Influence the Influencers: 5 Tactics to Generate Demand

Summary: Some customers research methodically before purchasing. If you knew where they researched and who they spoke to, could you influence their purchase decisions?

Uncover these five tactics an influencer marketing expert uses to reach and woo key individuals. Find out why you should, perhaps counter-intuitively, not send them your brochures and newsletters. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2010
How To #HOW31689:

Build Credibility and Sales with Small-Business Customers: 7 Lessons for Big Marketers from Rogers Communications

Summary: Big businesses that want to attract small-business customers need to do more than simply tweak marketing copy and creative. Small businesses have unique product and service needs, and respond to different types of messaging.

Read these lessons from the team at Canada's Rogers Communications, who spent the past three years retooling their strategy to serve small businesses. Includes advice for creating dedicated SMB marketing teams, developing new products, and getting involved with the small-business support network. continue...
Posted: Aug 13, 2010
How To #HOW30150:

How to Use YouTube to Generate Leads: 7 Video Posting Strategies & Tagging Tips

Summary: Even B-to-B marketers can use YouTube and other video platforms as a marketing strategy. One company has been uploading videos for a year now to generate leads, reaching thousands of new viewers who aren't subscribers to their video newsletters.

Includes how to create a channel and insert a pitch for potential customers. Plus, tagging tips and why is better than YouTube for some efforts. continue...
Posted: Oct 03, 2007
How To #HOW29951:

Publishers Can Get on the Data Products Bandwagon, Too: 7 Tactics + 2 Mistakes to Avoid

Summary: B-to-B publishers may be sitting on a goldmine of useful data that can form the backbone of new, subscription-based products. Yet, many are ignoring this revenue potential and are losing ground to Web-based competitors.

Our interview with a data publishing expert dug up seven tactics on how to re-package your database into valuable products and turn them into must-haves for your industry. Plus, two mistakes to avoid at all costs. continue...
Posted: Apr 26, 2007
How To #HOW23857:

SPECIAL REPORT: How to Market to Chief Marketing Officers

Summary: Do you market products or services to marketing leaders at large companies? Just because you're also a marketer yourself doesn't necessarily mean you understand them. We created this special research-based report for you, detailing the motivations, fears, and passions of a typical CMO. You'll understand what wakes a CMO up in the middle of the night and how your benefits should be pitched to appeal to them. Plus, which lead gen offers work best for this job function. Must-read if CMOs are your target market... also kind of fun if you're a CMO yourself (do you fit the profile?): continue...
Posted: Mar 16, 2005
How To #HOW22746:

How Ad Agency Grady Britton's Site Won an ADDY Award (Hint: No Flash Intro)

Summary: How do you show off your agency's personality to potential clients without forcing all visitors to sit through an annoying Flash intro? (No, the answer is not a "skip intro" button.) Learn about an award winning agency site that does just that, in this quick article. continue...
Posted: Aug 06, 2001
How To #HOW22723:

How Consultant Jim Sterne Grows His Name with a Fun Email Newsletter

Summary: Seems like everybody on this planet is launching an email newsletter these days to promote themselves to marketers. With so much competition in the in-box, how can you make your agency or consultancy newsletter stand out?

We contacted interactive marketing consultant Jim Sterne whose "Full Sterne Ahead" newsletter is one of the few that's both fun and educational -- a guaranteed opener. continue...
Posted: Jul 23, 2001
How To #HOW22693:

WordBiz Doubles Opt-Ins by Moving Subscription Box

Summary: No summary available. continue...
Posted: Jun 18, 2001
How To #HOW22589:

Howard Levy Design Tests Web Directories vs. Direct Mail to Bring in New Clients

Summary: If you run a small ad agency or design studio, you may be interested to hear what one NY-based studio has learned by testing online marketing versus good old-fashioned direct mail. continue...
Posted: Apr 23, 2001

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