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Case Study(s) relating to Alternatives: Rss Feeds, Desktop Applications, Wireless

Case Study #CS32269:

Mobile Email Marketing: 50% more app downloads from device-targeted ads

Summary: Email marketers have seen a steady rise in mobile subscribers. The smart ones treated this group as a new segment to increase relevance and response. This case study describes a company that went a step further.

A team of consumer marketers increased orders 90% by targeting custom banner ads by mobile platform. The article walks you through a test that proves mobile subscribers are not all the same. continue...
Posted: Sep 18, 2012
Case Study #CS32200:

Email Marketing: 11% list growth turns branding promos into long-term investments for Tedís Montana Grill

Summary: Marketing campaigns can be a flash in the pan. You spend resources, get a result and move on. However, you can design campaigns to pay off for months to come if you incorporate email list growth tactics.

Last year, Ted's Montana Grill strengthened its email database through three campaigns that promoted a new brand and menu. See how offline and online channels -- including mobile -- added 11% more subscribers, and convinced current recipients to update their contact information. continue...
Posted: Jun 19, 2012
Case Study #CS32193:

Mobile Email Marketing: 53% higher clickthrough rate for mobile-optimized newsletter

Summary: Mobile audiences are growing, as is the demand for mobile content. Are your emails ready for smartphones and tablets?

Find out how a health information website increased clickthrough rates 53% by launching mobile versions of its newsletters. You'll see key changes in the design and learn how the team decided it needed to go mobile. continue...
Posted: Jun 05, 2012
Case Study #CS32086:

Mobile Email Marketing: iPhone-targeted landing pages boost conversion rate 40% for Ritz-Carlton Destination Club

Summary: Mobile marketing might be new, but it doesn't have to break the bank. You can target this growing audience and its shrinking screens on a tight budget with simple tactics.

Email marketers at Marriott Vacations Worldwide tested an extremely simple landing page for iPhone users for its Ritz-Carlton Destination Club brand. Conversion rates jumped from 5% to 7%. In this case study, we share more results metrics, images of the campaign, mobile industry stats, and more. continue...
Posted: Jan 03, 2012
Case Study #CS32029:

Mobile Marketing: How Redbox drove 1.5 million texts and added 200,000 mobile participants in 10 days

Summary: Mobile marketing is an increasingly effective way to increase foot traffic and interaction with customers, by combining the offline and online experience. This case study will look at a marketer that faced the challenge of having no employees at these locations to draw in people.

Redbox uses the mobile marketing channel to provide on-the-go customer service, and to help create an enticing reason to visit its DVD distribution kiosks. Find out how one 10-day promotion led to 1.5 million text messages and added 200,000 subscribers to Redbox's "Text Club." continue...
Posted: Oct 06, 2011
Case Study #CS32021:

Product Launches: How HotelTonight's mobile app became the most downloaded app in its category in just one month

Summary: Launching a product from scratch (in this case, a brand and company, as well) in a crowded marketplace with well-funded competition can be one of the most challenging marketing endeavors.

Find out how one travel industry startup launched its mobile app through a combination of high-touch customer support, social media outreach and traditional public relations, to make it to an app store's top spot in the competitive online travel industry category. continue...
Posted: Sep 22, 2011
Case Study #CS31983:

Mobile Marketing: New program achieves 11% redemption rate on text offers

Summary: Mobile marketing is exciting, relatively new, and everyone seems to want to know more about it. It can be a great complement to other marketing efforts, but mobile marketing does have its idiosyncrasies.

This case study looks at a successful mobile program that takes all these elements into account. Find out how one company quickly grew its mobile subscriber base with a three-stage initial promotion, and how it continues to effectively reach out to that select group of customers. continue...
Posted: Aug 11, 2011
Case Study #CS31949:

Digital Branding: 'March Madness' browser promotion leads to 99.6% conversion rate for The Ohio State University

Summary: From mobile to social media, marketing teams are constantly in search of the next hot tactic to help engage customers with their brands. In doing so, they may overlook more traditional avenues for communication.

Read on to find out how one online marketing team leveraged the venerable Web browser, a technology invented in 1991, and promoted a new, branded version of the tool to engage their most active customers. continue...
Posted: Jun 30, 2011
Case Study #CS31918:

Event Marketing: NHL's All-Star Game fan voting campaign increases ballots by 15%

Summary: Event marketing may seem like an easy proposition when your target audience is the rabid fan base of thirty professional hockey teams. But this successful campaign includes basic principles that marketers from any size business can use to improve promotions.

Read on to find out how the National Hockey League marketed fan balloting for this year's All-Star Game by taking the message to its fans and leveraging every asset at its disposal for a successful event marketing effort, while simultaneously increasing its database. continue...
Posted: May 19, 2011
Case Study #CS31889:

B2B Webinars: How HubSpot drew 25,000 sign-ups, almost 10,000 attendees, and more than 3,500 new leads

Summary: B2B marketers use webinars for many purposes: To provide customer information and product pitches; as live events that donít require travel; and even simply to present material that might interest current and prospective customers.

One inbound marketing company regularly utilizes webinars as an important part of its content marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about the marketing before, during and after a recent event that brought in nearly 25,000 registrants. Yes, you read that correctly -- just short of 25K sign-ups. continue...
Posted: Apr 13, 2011

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