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How To Articles: 929 and counting...

How To #HOW32267:

Inbound Marketing 101: 5 steps to help you get started

Summary: At MarketingSherpa, we often publish case studies or how-to articles that focus on a specific tactic or campaign. Today's Consumer Marketing newsletter steps back to give you the basics on getting started (or improving your efforts) in an emerging area -- inbound marketing.

The article is based on a recent webinar, "Think Different about Social Media: Four steps to transforming your marketing program," (sponsored by Act-On) presented by MECLABS' Todd Lebo and Sergio Balegno. Read the webinar recap article, and watch the full webinar replay, to learn more about inbound marketing. continue...
Posted: Sep 13, 2012
How To #HOW32266:

Marketing Basics: 7 B2B content marketing tactics

Summary: If the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012 presenters were correct, content marketing is becoming the focal point around which all other marketing channels orbit. Without quality content, email is less effective, social media would probably be unnecessary, and both lead generation and lead nurturing would be more difficult.

To provide some insight into B2B content marketing, MarketingSherpa reached out to two B2B content marketing consultants for seven tactics for this important marketing channel. Read on to learn more about types of B2B content, how to find content topics, and mapping B2B content to the buying stages of the complex sale. continue...
Posted: Sep 12, 2012
How To #HOW32253:

Holiday Marketing: 8 trending tactics and tips for 2012

Summary: The holiday marketing season is rapidly approaching, and consumer marketers should be in the process of finalizing holiday strategies. Even though successful marketing tactics and strategies carry over from year-to-year, each season offers new wrinkles on old ideas and sometimes completely new marketing channels and technologies.

Read on for eight tactics from nine consumer marketing experts, covering retargeting campaigns, what’s happening in social media this year, tailoring campaigns to different devices, taking advantage of technology to personalize the website experience, and a tip on why 2012 is a year to keep a close eye on the calendar. continue...
Posted: Aug 30, 2012
How To #:

Inbound Marketing: 5 tactics for developing an optimized architecture

Summary: Inbound marketing can use organic search, social media and content marketing to draw prospects in to a point of conversion. A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, "Building an Inbound Marketing Architecture" (sponsored by Marketo) established a tactical plan for accomplishing goals and increasing reach on social networks. MECLABS' Kaci Bower also discussed what inbound marketing is, and its importance to marketers today.

In this follow-up, learn to launch an inbound marketing architecture with a plan and a purpose, driving traffic to a point of convergence and conversion with a result of significantly reduced costs, increased sales and improved ROI. continue...
Posted: Aug 23, 2012
How To #HOW32243:

B2B Marketing: How National Instruments simplified lead generation and B2B e-commerce decisions for its customers

Summary: National Instruments, a provider of hardware and software for engineers, has products ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars. Consequently, its website serves as both a lead gen engine and an e-commerce hub.

This how-to article covers seven tactics the marketing team used to serve both functions: driving both online purchases and qualified leads for Sales. These tactics include utilizing tools to learn more about visitors and offer recommendations, and using targeted social proof to gain prospect trust.

Joe Rawlinson, Senior E-commerce Product Manager, National Instruments, will present these tactics at the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012, August 27-30 in Orlando. continue...
Posted: Aug 22, 2012
How To #HOW32242:

Email Marketing: 5 tips for improving the value of your list

Summary: In this follow-up to a recent MarketingSherpa webinar, we speak with lead presenter W. Jeffrey Rice, to discuss rising expectations of email performance, increasingly stringent delivery requirements, improving relationships with your recipients, and more. continue...
Posted: Aug 21, 2012
How To #HOW32240:

Holiday Marketing: 6 tactics to help you prep for the season

Summary: The wild holiday season is coming soon, and marketing plans should already be in progress.

To help you prep for the season, this week’s consumer marketing newsletter features a second look at last year’s holiday how-to with tips and tactics for mobile marketing, creating a Facebook presence, optimizing the e-commerce website, making use of QR codes and more. All of these still apply to this year’s holiday marketing efforts. continue...
Posted: Aug 16, 2012
How To #:

B2B Email Marketing: How reputation, content and brand management affect deliverability

Summary: An otherwise brilliant email marketing campaign will fail if its emails are caught in spam filters. Deliverability is particularly challenging for B2B marketers. That's because they typically send emails to many different corporate domains, instead of many emails to one provider, such as Gmail or other freemail domains.

Tom Sather, Senior Director of Email Research, Return Path, offers five tactics to help ensure B2B email marketing campaigns safely reach the inbox. The process begins with establishing goals, and includes reputation, content and brand management. continue...
Posted: Aug 14, 2012
How To #HOW32234:

Sales-Marketing Alignment: 8 tactics from a marketer who has worn both hats

Summary: The topic of Marketing and Sales alignment interests almost every marketer. When these departments are in harmony, the entire complex sales funnel becomes a much more manageable process from lead generation to closed deal.

This how-to article offers eight tactics employed by the marketing team at Carousel Industries, a communications technology firm, that have led to not only a closer alignment with Sales, but also a more transparent relationship across the entire enterprise.

Kelly Harman, Vice President Marketing, Carousel Industries, will present these tactics at the upcoming MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012, August 27-30, in Orlando. continue...
Posted: Aug 08, 2012
How To #HOW32222:

Email Deliverability: 5 tactics for 99% (or greater) delivery across millions of subscribers

Summary: Maintaining deliverability can be tedious. It’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture -- the deliverability tactics that matter most.

Check out the five tactics this flash deals website says are the most important to keeping its average delivery rate above 99%. You’ll find why the team doesn’t wait for people to unsubscribe, and what you need on your registration page to prevent it from killing your list. continue...
Posted: Jul 24, 2012

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