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How To Articles: 929 and counting...

How To #HOW32319:

CRM How-to: Tactics on Marketing/IT alignment, database strategy and integrating social media data

Summary: Customer relationship management, by its very name, is much more than the CRM software piece regularly used by Sales. It also incorporates marketing automation software, customer service, and understanding prospects all the way from lead gen through post-sale.

For this how-to article, we reached out to six industry experts to provide three tactics for making the most of your CRM: the importance of always including new data sources in the process, different approaches for database strategy, and how Marketing should start aligning with IT today. continue...
Posted: Nov 28, 2012
How To #HOW32315:

Vendor Selection: How The New York Public Library chose a new email service provider

Summary: An email service provider can be a great asset to a marketing team. One that is ill-suited for your needs and team, however, can slow projects and inhibit email creativity, as well as cause issues with subscribers.

In this how-to, a marketer for The New York Public Library walks through his year-long process in picking a new email service provider as a guide for other marketers. With the new vendor, the average open rate has increased 15.3%, and the clickthrough rate is up 11.8%. continue...
Posted: Nov 20, 2012
How To #HOW32308:

B2B Marketing: The 5 most common social media mistakes

Summary: It is difficult to prove social media’s worth in numbers or its value to other areas in a company. Because of this, many marketers may be missing key points that can both save time and help in getting the coveted budget increase.

A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, sponsored by Marketo, "How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Social Media Mistakes in B2B Marketing," lays out ideas from two experts on practicing social media in a way that will deliver worth that will make both a CFO and marketers happy. continue...
Posted: Nov 07, 2012
How To #HOW32307:

Email Marketing How-to: What to do once they've subscribed

Summary: Email subscribers can be skittish and wary, particularly after just signing up for your email list. A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, "Three Strategies to Convert New Subscribers to Loyal Buyers," focused on three tactics for optimizing your email campaign to create long-term relationships with subscribers.

In this webinar recap, learn to ease new subscribers' fears and lead them to conversion. Gradually get to know your subscribers, and turn them into loyal buyers by utilizing the following three tactics. continue...
Posted: Nov 06, 2012
How To #HOW32304:

5 Steps for Building Links that Improve Search Results

Summary: Many marketers struggle to implement link building, especially with the myriad of consistently changing factors search engines use to rank pages. With the April launch of Google's new Penguin update, new struggles and questions have emerged.

A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, "Five Steps for Building Links that Improve Search Results," (sponsored by Aquent) established a specific plan for strategically building links that will improve your ranking. Read on for those steps, as well as the full webinar replay. continue...
Posted: Nov 01, 2012
How To #HOW32297:

Email Marketing How-to: Overcome 3 common errors to increase clickthrough

Summary: Email is the most effective strategy used by marketers, but some errors are all too common and could be dragging down your clickthrough rates.

A recent MarketingSherpa webinar sponsored by Lyris, "How Overcoming 3 Common Errors Increased Clickthrough Rate by 104%," lays out actionable ideas for correcting common mistakes and increasing email clickthrough rates. continue...
Posted: Oct 23, 2012
How To #HOW32293:

Social Media Marketing: 5 tips to optimize your Twitter opportunities

Summary: Twitter use straddles a fine line between opportunity and liability. To help you navigate successfully, we looked to two experts who offered five optimization tips based on their experiences from working within the Twitter-sphere.

Underestimating the potency of Twitter has been the mistake of many marketers. In this article, two experts offer tips on how to capitalize upon opportunities that Twitter can provide, and some common mistakes to avoid. continue...
Posted: Oct 18, 2012
How To #HOW32289:

Email Marketing How-to: 5 steps to improve your email newsletter

Summary: The newsletter is where two of the most valuable marketing tools come together: email and content. It is a prime opportunity to not only recognize the power shift from marketer to consumer, but also embrace and optimize for it.

Newsletters are an important, but often neglected strategy, with 46% of marketers reporting their email newsletter as staying the course, and 11% having a floundering program, according to the 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report. Read on for five steps from two email marketing leaders to help you improve your newsletters. continue...
Posted: Oct 09, 2012
How To #HOW32287:

Content Marketing How-to: 7 steps for creating and optimizing content in any size organization

Summary: Consistently creating content that engages an audience can be a challenge for companies of all sizes. In this article, content marketers from both ends of the organization size spectrum share tactics for delivering top-notch content that works for you and your readers.

Read on for seven steps on how to improve, or even begin, your content marketing. Learn new ideas for generating popular and compelling inbound content that keeps readers coming back for more, without overloading your team. continue...
Posted: Oct 04, 2012
How To #HOW32279:

Email Marketing: 6 tactics on combining content and email strategies

Summary: Email without content to share with a database of potential customers is just technology, not marketing. In fact, Chris Baggott, Chairman, Compendium, and co-founder, ExactTarget, sees email marketing as a three-legged stool comprised of technology, data and content.

This article offers six tactics from Baggott. Read on for tips on content marketing and how it intersects with email, including mining customers for content, why the blog should be the content "hub," repurposing content, and even how to mine outgoing email from Sales and customer service reps for effective, and reusable, content. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2012

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