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How To Articles: 929 and counting...

How To #HOW32660:

Email Deliverability: 8 tactics to help you overcome rising B2B challenges

Summary: There are plenty of layers to permeate when it comes to deliverability. In the B2B market, those layers thicken. You bear a bulk of ongoing challenges including a longer sales cycle, complex reputation score hurdles and high employee turnover, resulting in multiple inactive email addresses.

When you read about deliverability overall, most tips and tricks are designed for the B2C marketer. However, in this how-to article, we've tailored tactics specifically for deliverability in the B2B realm. continue...
Posted: Oct 30, 2013
How To #HOW32638:

Behavioral Economics in Marketing: 7 insights to lift results

Summary: Preview Email Summit 2014 keynote speaker Dan Ariely in this article from the MarketingSherpa archives. Both the article and his keynote focus on his insights as a Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and best-selling author.

Ariely delves into the irrational nature of many decisions, and how to apply these behavioral trends to your marketing. Among his insights: focus groups are bunk. continue...
Posted: Oct 02, 2013
How To #HOW32576:

E-commerce: What is Internet-based retargeting, and how can marketers use it?

Summary: Customer engagement is something most consumer marketers are probably hearing a lot about right now. It's a great way to build relationships, particularly through social media after the sale.

How about with those people who remain potential customers in your funnel, but haven't gone all the way to final sale? Or existing customers with upsell opportunities? One way to remain engaged with these people is to implement retargeting -- also called remarketing by some in the industry.

This article features four experts with eight tips on retargeting, including real-life examples of retargeting campaigns. continue...
Posted: Aug 01, 2013
How To #HOW32557:

Content Marketing: How a telecommunications company tripled conversions, revenue with message maps

Summary: Whether it's a white paper from Marketing or a job posting from HR, everything you publish delivers a message about your company. How consistent is the message you're driving?

After one year of using "message maps" to keep its content marketing consistent, this B2B company tripled soft conversions on its website and tripled its revenue goal. See how the team built its first map and put it to work, and how to make your own. continue...
Posted: Jul 11, 2013
How To #HOW32551:

Four Ideas on Marketing to Digital Natives Versus Digital Immigrants

Summary: These last two weeks have been a bit of a departure from the standard MarketingSherpa fare. We’re covering some emerging marketing topics that are so far unproven, but show significant promise.

Last week, we provided five ideas to ponder about the business-to-individual (B2i) concept, and this week we're covering the challenge of marketing to digital natives, also known as Millennials, versus digital immigrants -- Generation X and older.

Because mobile and social media marketing channels are an increasingly important part of the B2B marketer's toolkit, this particular marketing challenge is something that many marketers may overlook. continue...
Posted: Jul 03, 2013
How To #HOW32545:

Five Ideas on the Business-to-Individual Concept for B2B Marketers

Summary: For the next two weeks, we are going to explore some cutting-edge marketing ideas. This week's B2B Marketing newsletter covers the business-to-individual (B2i) concept. In gathering information for this article, I had to travel to San Francisco, enjoy a wide-ranging phone interview and then negotiate a conversation with the two most prominent experts on marketing moments of truth.

This article offers five lessons on why you should be marketing to the individual, even as a B2B marketer. continue...
Posted: Jun 26, 2013
How To #HOW32424:

B2B Retargeting: 5 tactics from burn pixels to Facebook

Summary: Last week's B2B marketing article offered five tactics on retargeting as a marketing strategy. This week, we're "retargeting" you with five more tactics from our group of experts.

Read on to learn what three of our sources said about retargeting in multiple marketing channels including email, online advertising, paid search and social media. The tactics covered this week include using analytics coding instead of website coding for retargeting, and tailoring your message for specific audiences. Plus, you will learn the importance of burn pixels, retargeting on Facebook and why you need to test your retargeting campaigns. continue...
Posted: Apr 17, 2013
How To #HOW32413:

Retargeting: 5 tactics from drip email to lead generation

Summary: This article has long been in the making. The journey began with a marketing event cocktail hour conversation, then another discussion over a steak dinner, and closed with lunch at a day-long educational conference. Add in a great referral and voila, we had four sources for two how-to articles on retargeting.

Read on to find out what those four sources said about retargeting in multiple marketing channels including email, online advertising and paid search. continue...
Posted: Apr 10, 2013
How To #HOW32382:

Social Media How-to: 3 ideas for building engaging visual social media

Summary: The rising popularity of networks like Instagram and Pinterest have brought focus on the visual elements of social media. Now is the time for marketers to adjust how they approach their audiences on social media.

Use the expertise in this how-to article featuring three marketers on the frontlines of visual social media to craft your approach for this increasingly relevant aspect of marketing efforts. continue...
Posted: Feb 28, 2013
How To #HOW32372:

Video Marketing How-to: 4 tactics from a small business that generated 1 million YouTube views

Summary: Video marketing is quickly becoming a speedy, effective and SEO-friendly way for marketers to reach consumers. This can be especially true for small businesses, as well as those who don't have traditionally "camera-ready" products.

Read on for four tactics from two video marketing leaders in small business, including one who generated one million video views on YouTube. These tactics will take you from the genesis of an initial idea to cultivating a robust video program. continue...
Posted: Feb 14, 2013

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