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Best (or most dramatic) Test You Learned From:
Silver Consumer - CYQ Urgent Email

Brand/Client Side Team:
Karen Imbrogno, Marc Majers, Communication Team Business Unit, Stephen Herron

Pivotal Veracity

From Their Nomination Form:
The challenge with creating a new CYQ email was to create a stronger call to action. The first step was introducing a user-friendly, modern look to the email with a new template. The email is designed to quickly be read in the popular window-pane style email clients. The "Finish your auto quote today!" text in the upper right hand corner was positioned for quick reference. We added an easy access "call-to-action" button, "Return and Complete Your Quote Today". The bullet copy was added to summarize our services along with strategically positioned inline hyperlinks to foster clicking. We also tested different images; however, the Urgent Stamp seemed to connect to the copy the strongest. We added an easy to use help center on the right to convey our commitment to customer service. Finally, we added a personal touch with an email signature from a real in-house agent. The goal of this email is to incent people to click on the link to complete their quote. It's not the actual purchase. Our main two points of measurement for this particular transactional email are the following: 1. Clicks/Successful Sends AND 2. Rate Call 1/Clicks. Rate Call 1 is the first step in our transactional process. After the person enters the needed carrier information into our quote, in order for the carrier to generate a rate, we make a call out to the 15 carriers. In real-time, they will take the information and return a rate. We will display back to the consumer up to four of the leading rates. After that, there are several additional points of potential drop-off and different transactional emails that address drop-off. Clicks as percentage of Successful Sends: April 4.28%, November 6.71%, Change: 57% Increase. Rate Call1 as percentage of Clicks: April 26.39%, November 30.53%, Change: 16% Increase.